Operating Regulations

  • All vehicles shall be operated in compliance with the uniform vehicle code, N.Y.S. Vehicle & Traffic Law, and ordinances of the city of Oneonta in addition to Hartwick regulations.
  • All vehicles will be operated at a speed reasonable and prudent under existing conditions. MAXIMUM SPEED LIMIT OF 15 MPH WILL NOT BE EXCEEDED ANYWHERE ON CAMPUS.

  • At all times, operators of vehicles on the campus will yield the right of way to pedestrian traffic.

  • Any and all accidents involving a  motor vehicle on campus must be reported to Campus Safety immediately.

  • Hartwick College will not be held liable for any theft or damage to cars parked or being driven on the campus, unless the damage resulted from the negligence of a College employee operating College-owned equipment, moving College-owned property, or operating a College-owned vehicle, or an accident involving a College employee operating a College-owned vehicle.  In the instance of damage resulting from an action of a College employee as noted, an incident report should be filed by either the employee or vehicle owner immediately with the Office of Campus Safety.