Parking Fee Reduction

College Employee Requests for Parking Fee Reductions

Who is Eligible:
Reductions in the parking fee are considered on a case-by-case basis. Following are groups who may qualify for a reduction:

  • Individuals whose employment is scheduled for one year or shorter, such as adjunct faculty and assistant coaches.
  • Departing employees: If an employee plans to leave the College (they have submitted a resignation) within 6 months of the date they need to purchase a new decal, they are eligible for a waiver. If it is up to 1 year, they are eligible for a reduction.
  • New employees: If an employee is hired within 6 months of the expiration date of the current parking decal (example: December 31, 2012) they are eligible for a waiver for the remainder of the current vehicle registration period; if hired within 1 year, they are eligible for a reduction.

Process to Obtain a Reduction:
If a College employee believes he/she is eligible for a Parking Fee reduction/waiver, he/she should contact the Divisional Vice President and request a reduction/waiver.

The appropriate Vice President will consider the request and, if approved, will issue a signed Parking Fee Reduction/Waiver form to the employee.

The employee shall then forward the signed waiver, together with other necessary documents as described on the Staff/Faculty Vehicle Registration Form, to the Cashier's Office, Bresee Hall.

Refunds of parking fees will not be considered or approved.