Parking Regulations

Registered Members of the Hartwick Community Shall Park as Follows:

  • Red decals 1st year students are permitted to park ONLY in designated freshman spaces in Oyaron/Hilltop east lot.  Overflow lot for this area is Binder lot.
  • Only upperclass students (sophomores, juniors, seniors) residing in College housing may park in the lots adjacent to their buildings. Parking spaces are on a first-come basis. Any overflow parking should use Lower Yager, Upper Binder, Upper Yager, & Smith Lot.
  • Only upperclass students residing in Wilder, Leitzell, Smith, and van Ess halls shall park in the area next to those respective residence halls.
  • Only upperclass students residing in Holmes and Saxton halls shall park in Holmes and Saxton areas.
  • Students who reside in Holmes and Saxton halls may use the Upper Perrella lot for additional parking on a first-come basis.
  • Students who reside in the Oyaron & Hilltop houses may use the designated area in the Miller/Johnstone lot for this purpose.
  • All commuting students, guests, and visitors should park in the areas listed on the map. Overflow for these areas is Lower Yager lot and Binder lot.
  • Only commuter students may park on Onondaga Drive at any time, provided that the vehicle is registered and parked in a marked Commuter space.
  • There will be no parking in the main parking lot of Anderson for student purposes. Students must use the improved lot in this area for parking.
  • Upper Binder lot is to be used as an overflow for the parking of vehicles when other areas are not available due to the congestion of other vehicles.
  • Parking the wrong way facing traffic on any Hartwick College road or drive is illegal, and vehicles violating this policy will be ticketed.

All vehicles shall be properly parked in marked spaces. All unmarked areas should and will be considered fire lanes. The College reserves the right to remove by towing, at the owner’s expense, any vehicle that is not registered or that is parked in violation of campus parking regulations. This includes vehicles parked on campus lawns or grass areas, as well as any vehicle parked in fire lane areas or blocking exits. This also includes any and all vehicles that have received a total of six traffic violations during the full academic year. This applies to the total number of paid and unpaid violations received per vehicle and/or operator. All persons shall be prohibited from leaving unattended vehicles on any campus roadway or drive at any time. These vehicles will be towed.

Guests shall be instructed by their hosts to come to the Office of Campus Safety or the Dispatch desk after normal business hours to receive a guest parking pass. Hosts are responsible for any parking violations of their guests. When a tow truck is called, regardless of whether it is present or not, the vehicle operator will be held responsible for compensating the tow truck driver. We reserve the right to block any vehicle being towed until the arrival of the tow truck.

When a tow truck is called, regardless of whether it completes the tow or not, the registered vehicle owner will be held responsible for the towing charge.