Hot Work Permit Request Form

Before approving any cutting and welding permit, a Hartwick College-designated representative must inspect the work area and confirm that precautions have been taken to prevent fire in accordance with safety requirements. Please use this form to inform Campus Safety of an upcoming cutting or welding activity.

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The Hartwick College representative is responsible for ensuring that the location where this work is to be done is inspected and necessary precautions are taken prior to the work being commenced.

* Supervisor responsible for cutting and welding:
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Final Check-Up

Work area and all adjacent area to which sparks and heat might have spread (including floors above and below and opposite sides of walls) were inspected 1 hour after the work was completed and were found fire safe.

* To Be Signed By: Supervisor or Fire Watcher
Telephone Numbers
 Emergency # 911 
Campus Safety 431-4111  Oneonta Police 432-1113  Oneonta Fire Dept. 432-2222

* Safety Precautions

Sprinklers are in service (if applicable).
Cutting and welding equipment is in good repair.
Lead is not present on object(s) to be cut or welded (29 CFR 1926.62).
Welding on galvanized metals of any type shall conform to OSHA 1910.252 (c)(1)(iii).
Fire Alarm System isolated and Campus Safety notified.
If So, Points Isolated:  
Within 35 Feet of Work
Floors are swept clean of combustibles.
Combustible floors are wetted down, covered with damp sand, metal, or other shields.
No combustible material or flammable liquids present.
Unmovable combustible and flammable liquids are protected with covers, guards, metal shields.
All wall and floor openings are covered.
Cover suspended beneath work to collect sparks.
Work on Walls or Ceilings
Construction work is noncombustible and without combustible coverings.
Combustibles moved away from opposite side of wall.
Sprinklers identified within 2 feet of hot work. If so, contact Campus Safety at X-4111 for precautions to prevent an accidental sprinkler head discharge.
Work on Enclosed Equipment
(Tanks, containers, ducts, dust collectors, etc.)
Equipment cleaned of all combustibles.
Containers purged of flammable vapors.
Fire Watch
Will be provided during and 1 hour after operation.
Supplied with appropriate fire extinguisher.
Trained in use of equipment and in sounding fire alarm.
Special Precautions:

Pressing SUBMIT will forward the request for review/approval by a Hartwick Representative. Upon approval, the Hartwick Representative will send the Permit via e-mail or deliver through other means. The Permit must then be posted at the work site until the Hot Work is completed..


If you have any questions, please call Campus Safety Director at X 4112.