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USCTI & American Society of Freedmen Descendants Mini-Conference

USCT Institute & the ASFD Annual Mini-Conference 2014:
From the USCT to the Puerto Rican Soldiers: Embracing Hispanic and Caribbean Soldiers in the Freedom Journey

Registration: Friday, October 10 from noon to 4 p.m. at the U.S. Pluralism Center, 101 Bresee Hall. Refreshments will be available.

Opening Dinner: Friday, October 10 at 5 p.m. in the Chesebro Room, Dewar Student Union.

Presentations & Discussion: Saturday, October 11 will be a full day, beginning with breakfast between 8-9 a.m., followed by the morning presentations and discussion, with lunch at noon. The afternoon session from 1-4 p.m. will continue with presentations, discussions, and the documentary film, "The Borinqueneers: A Documentary on the All-Puerto Rican 65th Infantry Regiment."

Dinner: Saturday, October 11 will include the presentation of The American Society of Freedmen Descendants Gold Medal to the family of Judge Lucindo Suarez, as well as certificates being presented to the Mini-Conference participants.

Wrap-up Breakfast: Sunday, October 12 will be a time for the closing discussion before participants depart for home.

In addition to the formal presentations, time will be scheduled to utilize resources at the U.S. Pluralism Center for researching various soldiers of the Civil War, Spanish-American War, the World Wars, and the Korean War. In addition, time will be allotted for discussing the possibility of establishing a USCTI Alumni Advisory Council.

*Mini-Conference enrollment is limited to between 30-40 participants. All persons attending all the sessions on Friday and Saturday will be presented with a personal certificate. Contact: Dean Matthews for more information about cost and accommodations, matthewsh@hartwick.edu.