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Residential Life and Housing

Residence Hall Check Out

Non-graduating students

Students whose last final exam is on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday of finals week must check out within 24 hours of their last exam.

Students whose last final exam is on Thursday of finals week must check out by noon on Friday of final exam week.

Graduating students, Commencement volunteers and Summer Housing students

Students who meet one of the following criteria are required to check out of their on-campus housing by 8:00 pm Saturday following Commencement:

A senior who will be walking in the Commencement ceremony

A student who has been pre-approved to volunteer at Commencement through the Office of Campus Activities (e.g. marshals, ushers, volunteers, musical ensemble).

A student who has submitted and been approved by the Residential Life and Housing office to stay on campus for the summer for classes, research, Orientation training or summer employment.  These students will move from their current residence hall to their summer room on Sunday, May 25th.  Moves must be completed by 5:00 pm.

An approved exception by the Office of Residential Life and Housing.

Students who need to stay past the 8:00 pm deadline must submit the Commencement Weekend Check Out Extension Application by Friday, May 9th (late applications will not be accepted) and receive approval from the Office of Residential Life and Housing.

Students approved for the extension must check out by 11:00 a.m. Sunday, May 25th.

Accepted extension forms will be based on the following criteria:

International travel is necessary to return home.

Flight accommodations cannot be made based on the end time of our ceremony, at approximately 2:30 p.m.

Student will be traveling more than 6 hours to their home by car, following the ceremony.

Students will be fined $500 for the following violations:

Any student who has not checked out of their on-campus housing by the appropriate time.

Any student who is approved for the extension who allows a non-approved student to stay in their on-campus housing.

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