General Room Selection

Following the Townhouse and Leitzell suite selection, the students that did not select housing will receive an appointment card will be placed in your mailbox. The card will include your name, points, and the time you are scheduled to select your room.  Do not lose this card; you will need to bring it to the open room selection.

  • Appointments will be made for you based on your housing points. The highest housing points, by class year, will get the first appointments.
  • Please be prepared to select your meal plan for next year. 
  • If you are unable to attend your appointment you can send a proxy with a proxy form to select your room for you.
  • If your name is called for your appointment and you (or your proxy) are not present, we will go to the next appointment.
  • If you know who you would like to live with next year, you can sign into a room together using the better selection time (please note: If signing in together BOTH/ALL students must be present or have a signed proxy form).
  • Residence Hall Options - Holmes Hall (honors building), Saxton Hall, Wilder Hall, van Ess Hall, Oyaron House (substance-free), and Hilltop House. Leitzell enhanced single (2 available)
  • Theme Community - P.R.I.D.E.: People Respecting Identity, Diversity, & Equality
    Location: Oyaron 4th Floor ; open to first year and upper-class students
    Hartwick is supportive of residents around LGBTQ & Allies issues and lives, this theme community intentionally allows for students who are LGBTQ friendly to live together in a positive, supportive community. In addition to creating a safe space for students of all identities, this theme community embraces honest dialogue about gender, gender expression, sexuality, and interpersonal relationships as a means toward self-awareness. The goal of this community is all members will go through Safe Space training. This community will offer gender-inclusive housing.
  • Individual students who do not have a roommate will be placed in a double room of a student, of the same gender, who also does not have a roommate within the residence hall of their choice, if available. OR, if there is not another student with an open space available, the student will be able to pick a room. The next individual student, of the same gender, who does not have a roommate, will be placed in that room.
All students must sign a Housing Agreement and return to the Office of Residential Life 418 Dewar Union. The forms will be available during Spring Housing Selection and online. Failure to return this form can result in a hold on your account.