Greek Housing Regulations

 All fraternity and sorority housing, regardless of ownership, that is designated College-approved housing, is subject to the same restrictions, prohibitions, and regulations as is any other residential facility that is College-owned or College-approved. Residents of fraternities and sororities are governed by the College's General Rules of Conduct. Violations of those rules subject the student and/or the organization to disciplinary action. On-campus residence policies apply to Greek houses. College personnel shall be granted full access to Greek houses immediately upon request for the purpose of enforcing and investigating potential violations of applicable College policies, procedures, rules, and regulations.

Only eligible members of the fraternity/sorority, enrolled at Hartwick College, may reside in any fraternity/sorority house unless granted permission by the Vice President for Student Affairs. Fraternity/sorority students wishing to move from a residence hall to a fraternity or sorority house must fulfill the stipulations for fraternity and sorority housing and follow the procedures outlined under Policies Related to Student Organizations and Greek Life

Fraternity/sorority students with permission to live in Greek housing who later wish to move into private housing must follow the procedure outlined under Off-Campus Housing in the Residential Life and Housing Guide. They must also secure written permission to move out of their Greek house from the organization president.

Fraternity/sorority students with permission to reside in Greek housing but wishing to return to College housing must apply for and receive permission from the Office of Residential Life and Housing to do so. Housing will be provided in such cases as space allows.