Living Off Campus as a Senior

Seniors may move out of a residence hall at the beginning of the Fall, January, or Spring terms. Refund of room and board charges for those electing to move off campus will be granted only for Fall and Spring terms. Seniors must submit an Off-Campus Living form to the Office of Residential Life and Housing to live off-campus. 

Students should contact the Financial Aid and Affordability Office to discuss the impact of their decision to live off campus on their financial aid awards. Students receiving financial aid will have their awards reduced once permission is granted for them to live off campus.

April 1st  is the deadline for applications to move off campus for the succeeding Fall Term.  December 1st is the deadline for applications to move off campus the succeeding January or Spring term.

A Certificate of Compliance for the rental unit must be submitted with the application. Failure to submit a Certificate of Compliance is considered a violation of the student's housing contract with the College, and will result in a requirement to pay for on-campus housing.

Once off-campus housing permission has been granted, a student desiring to move back into College housing during the academic year must notify the director of residential life and housing of his/her desire to live in College housing. College housing will be provided in such cases as space becomes available after students required to live on campus have been housed.