Holmes Hall

Corridor-style building comprised of single, double, and triple rooms.


What's so great about Holmes Hall? (Hartwick Experience)

  • All honors students, co-ed, First Year through Senior residence hall.
  • 2 large lounges with kitchens.
  • Smallest residence hall with a tight knit community focused on academics.
  • 5 student staff members, including an Assistant Resident Director and 4 RAs, to help support and foster a positive and engaging community.
  • Laundry room located on the first floor.
  • Recreational lounge with pool table and foosball table.

1st Floor Holmes Hall
2nd Floor Holmes Hall
3rd Floor Holmes Hall
4th Floor Holmes Hall


Approximate Room Sizes (these are general estimates and may vary per room):

  • Double room 
    • 12" x 15"
  • Single room
    • 9" x 15"

Mattress Sizes:

  • 36" wide x 80" long x 7" thick