• Hartwick student at Halloween Party
  • Hartwick students during RA training
  • Hartwick students during RA training
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Storage space is not available anywhere on campus other than within a student's room, suite or townhouse. Personal belongings may not be left in hallways, lounges, balconies, or other community spaces.

Student property may not be stored in student rooms after required check-out dates. This specifically includes the summer recess, regardless of whether a student is assigned the same room for the Fall semester as for the prior Spring semester. Any belongings left in a student's room after check-out dates may be disposed of at the student's cost or stored for no more than 3 months at a cost to the student of $50 per month.

The only exception to the summer storage policy is for our international students. Due to the great distances that our international students travel, the International Student Services and Advisement Office will make arrangements for international students to store their belongings in College storage over the summer break.