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First-Year Housing Information

Residential Life and Housing

The professional staff and resident advisors in the Office of Residential Life and Housing provide tools and support to establish a strong sense of community, stimulate intellect, and encourage personal growth leading to a well-balanced living and learning environment. A large part of your Hartwick education will be learning to adapt to new people, new situations, and different points of view.

Students are required to live on campus through their junior year.

Rooms & Roommates

The Office of Residential Life and Housing will assign rooms and roommates for all first-year students based on their preferences on the Housing and Roommate Preference Questionnaire (HRPQ). First-year students must submit the HRPQ prior to the July 1 deadline. The HRPQ may be accessed from www.hartwick.edu/fyrequiredforms.

If you would prefer to select your own roommate, you must submit that person's name on the HRPQ. That student must submit your name on their HRPQ in order to guarantee roommates.

Please keep in mind that the HRPQ is used to select your roommate (if you have not done so) and your room on campus based on your preferences. It is not guaranteed that you will get every preference.

Housing Options

  • Single-gender floors: All-women and all-men floors within a co-ed hall.
  • Three-Year Program: Three-year students are eligible to live on a floor with other three-year students.
  • Substance-free/Wellness Building: For students who are committed to a lifestyle free from all mood-modifying substances, including alcohol and tobacco. Residents sign a contract to abstain from using such substances, on and off the floor. Those found in violation will be moved to different housing. Use of alcohol for those under 21 and the use of illegal substances are prohibited campus-wide.
  • Honors: Students awarded Kellogg or Oyaron scholarships are eligible.
  • Pine Lake Environmental Campus: For those interested in Pine Lake's living/learning community.
  • Community Service: For those interested in participating in community service
  • Leadership: For students looking to develop their leadership skills

Meal Plans

All on-campus students are required to have a meal plan. First-year students are assigned the Carte Blanche meal plan, which allows you to take full advantage of the continuous service available in The Commons, as well as $50 to be used at Table Rock Café. To learn more about meal plans, visit www.hartwick.edu/mealplans or see the Billing & Fees section.

Commuter Students

Students who commute to campus are encouraged to take part in co-curricular life on campus, because Hartwick believes this complements the educational experience. Commuter students are issued a campus mailbox so they can receive internal communications. Theyare also provided with a locker, lounge space in Dewar Union, and specially designated commuter-student parking areas. Further, a microwave is located in Table Rock Café for your convenience. A meal plan is optional for commuter students. To apply for commuter student status, you must complete the Commuter Student Form at www.hartwick.edu/fyrequiredforms.

Campus Mail

Your campus mailbox is located in Dewar Union. Your mailbox number will be issued to you over the summer and your mailbox combination will be available at the switchboard when you arrive on campus.