Room Changes

Students wishing to change rooms within residence halls should speak with their Residential Life professional staff member.  In all cases, when a student expresses the desire to change his/her living environment, residential life staff will assist the student in exploring the reasons for the request.  Consideration will be given to the student's overall development.  If a change is recommended by the Office of Residential Life and Housing, a room change form must be filled out, and an inventory form must be completed for both the old and new room.

The Office of Residential Life and Housing will not approve room changes solely on the basis of differences in race, religion, sexual orientation, physical ability, national origin, or age.

No room changes will be granted during the first two weeks of any term.  Students changing rooms without approval will be required to move back to their original room and may be subject to additional College disciplinary action.

Room Consolidation
In the event that a vacancy in a double or triple room cannot be filled, students in doubles or triples without roommates may be consolidated.

Residence Hall Re-assignment

The Office of Residential Life and Housing reserves the right to reassign a student deemed incapable of living with others.  If such reassignment is necessary, room fees will be adjusted accordingly.

Single Rooms
A limited number of single rooms are available to students. Students may elect to reside in one of two styles: 1) Standard single, approximately 9x15' at the single rate, or 2) Super single, approximately 13x15' at a higher rate.  

Initial selection of a single room occurs during the room selection process in April of each year for the following fall term.  Students that do not receive a single room during this selection time, can submit a room waitlist form.  As single rooms become available, they will be allocated to the students on the list based on date requested.  Students with special housing needs should contact the Office of Residential Life and Housing to discuss options.

A student may add his/her name to the waitlist at any time.  By placing one's name on the waitlist, a student is not required to accept a single room if it is offered.  Students should understand that if they assume occupancy in a single room, their contract will be amended and the room rate charges will be adjusted accordingly.

Substance-Free Living Area (pre-designated)
Entering a substance-free living area while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs is prohibited. The use of tobacco products is also prohibited within substance-free living areas.  Failure to comply with the Substance-Free Living Area policies may result in residence hall re-assignment.