Special Housing Accommodations

Hartwick is a residential liberal arts and sciences college and believes that a Hartwick education is the result of distinctively curricular and co-curricular experiences in class, on campus, and in the residences. As such, all first year students, sophomores, and juniors are required to live on campus or in campus-approved housing.

As a college we understand that situations may develop that may require the College to take steps to alter or relax this policy in special or unique circumstances. In order to best meet the needs of students, protocols have been established to review individual requests for either special on-campus accommodations, such as a single room, a specific residence hall or an exemption to the on-campus requirement.

The following is an outline of potential reasons for review, resources available, and steps necessary to have a situation reviewed. It should be noted that all reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate requests so that students will remain in on-campus accommodations.

  • Financial: In extreme circumstances a student's financial status may necessitate an approval for special consideration. Any request of this nature must have documented support by the director of financial aid.
  • Physical/Learning Disabilities: On occasion it may be determined that a student's academic success will be best served by approving a special request. The student must provide up-to-date supporting documentation, have regularly used existing institutional supports and compiled their recommendation, and have exhausted all other avenues of support. Requests of this nature should be submitted to the director of academic support.
  • Medical: Student health issues can exist that may warrant review related to this policy. In order to warrant action the College wellness center must have notice of the relevant conditions and receive comprehensive physicians' reports documenting those conditions. Further, the student must have an ongoing relationship with the wellness center and have exhausted other relevant avenues. Requests of this nature should be submitted to the director of the wellness center.
  •  Mental Health: A student's mental health and overall success may be supported by a special accommodation related to housing. In this case the student must submit a request to the director of counseling and must have maintained an ongoing relationship with the staff of the counseling office. Additionally, the counseling department must have up-to-date information and correspondence with any off-campus treatment providers, and all other alternatives should have been exhausted.

Procedure for submitting a special accommodations request:

  • Meet with the appropriate office to discuss their special accommodations request.
  • Complete and return request form.
  • Provide all pertinent documentation.
  • The Director of the appropriate office will than take all pertinent information and documendation and decide if the request is supported or not supported by the appropriate office.
  • The request is then forwarded to the Director of Residential Life and Housing for final approval.
  • Final decision is then shared with student.

*All Special Accommodation requests must be made prior to February 1st for the next academic year.
Once a student is approved, they have the approval for the remainder of their time at Hartwick College.