Summer Housing - Letter of Agreement

If you wish to stay in a residence hall this summer, please complete and submit the form below by Wednesday, May 8, 2015.


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Preferred Room Type: Single room - $350 per month
(Rank by choice 1-4) Double room - $300 per month
  Triple room - $275 per month
  Enhanced single room - $400 per month
*Please note that some housing options have limited availability.
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Rent will be paid monthly:
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In accordance with our agreement to allow you to reside in a Hartwick College Residence Hall for the summer of 2015, you agree to comply with the following:
  1. Comply with all College and Residence hall policies as established in the Hartwick College Student Handbook. This is a dry building--no alcohol is allowed, regardless of age.
  2. Be responsible for the cleanliness of the individual room, the bathrooms, and the lounges. Any additional cleaning expenses will be charged to the individuals responsible or on a pro-rated basis to all the residents of the entire building.
  3. Room assignments are subject to change, based on the institutional need. This can and may include movement to alternate housing to accommodate returning students.
  4. Both room assignment and roommate information will be e-mailed to you by May 12th.
  5. Students staying at the end of the term will move into their summer accommodations on Sunday, May 24th, between 8 AM and Noon. Students will not be permitted to move into their summer soom until this time.
  6. All rent payments are due by 5:00 p.m. in the Office of Residential Life, 418 Dewar Union, on the last day of the month or your last day of residence in that month (pro-rated amount). All check payments are to be made out to Hartwick College with "summer housing" in the memo line.
Failure to comply with these expectations could result in immediate removal from the Residence Hall.
Type your name below to denote your understanding of this agreement.

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