Checking In
Students residing in a residence hall must check in with the Resident Advisor on duty. Each student will complete a room inventory form at this time, indicating the condition of the room and its furnishings. The room inventory form system for checking in and checking out of College housing has been designed to protect the student, as well as Hartwick College property. Students are encouraged to be accurate when completing the room inventory form, since charges can be levied for damages, missing items, or lack of cleanliness. A charge may be assessed for improper check-in when students fail to complete any of the above.

Checking Out
Students are responsible for checking out of their rooms through their Resident Advisor before vacating the premises. The student and the staff member will compare the current room condition with the original inventory form. Students will be held responsible for the condition and cleanliness of their rooms and furnishings and any loss or damage other than normal wear that might occur during their occupancy. Furniture and other items may not be left in hallways, utility rooms, and public areas. Any such items left will be removed by College staff and residents will be held accountable for appropriate replacement costs. A charge may be assessed for improper check-out when students fail to complete any of the above.

We are offering "EXPRESS Check-Out," which is the ability to check out of your room without scheduling a traditional check-out appointment with an RA. An EXPRESS check-out agreement entails cleaning and preparing your room according to the check-out checklist, placing the key in the key envelope along with the signed EXPRESS Check-Out Waiver, and placing them in the mailbox located near the RA office. The RA will inspect your room when you are not present. You will be responsible for any damages that are documented and you will NOT be able to appeal them.

  • Sign up with your RA to indicate that you will be using this method of checking out.
  • Print out the EXPRESS Check-Out Waiver.
  • Remove your belongings and clean your room.
  • Sign the waiver, then take it to the mailbox at the RA office.
  • Place the waiver and key inside the envelope provided at mailbox.
  • Leave envelope inside mailbox.
  • Depart campus.
  • Staff will inspect your room after you leave.

If you have questions, contact the Office of Residential Life and Housing at