Room Damages
Each student will be held responsible for any damage he/she causes. An occupant of a residence hall is responsible for all damage to his/her room. "Room" refers to the interior (walls, ceiling, floor), all furnishings (including built-in dressers and closets), door locks, and windows and doors (if the damage to windows/doors is done from inside the room). Damage to property during the year can result in charges for damage and/or disciplinary action.

In the event of breakage or damage in a student room or public area in a residence hall, the supervisor of custodial services will make arrangements for the necessary repairs and report the cost to the director of residential life and housing for billing.

Common Areas
In common areas, when individual responsibility can be determined, the charges will be made to the responsible individual(s). Students are not billed for items that have been affected by normal wear and tear. Incidents involving deliberate damage may also be subject to disciplinary action.

In common areas, when individual responsibility for damage cannot be determined, staff will investigate and attempt to identify person(s) responsible. Students, as members of their residence hall community, are encouraged to report damage and provide information to aid in appropriate identification of person(s) responsible. After thorough investigation, if individual responsibility cannot be determined, the charges will be assessed to hall residents on a pro-rated basis. Repeated acts of unidentifiable vandalism may result in fines in addition to the cost of labor and repair.

During Spring Term, students will receive information regarding checkout procedures (including how to avoid end-of-year cleanup charges). The College will bill students for personal furniture removal, damages and excessive cleanup. These charges will be applied to the end of year bill. Appeals of end of year damage assessments may be made, in writing, to the director of residential life and housing by June 30. Failure to appeal within this period forfeits all rights for future appeal.