Guest and Visitation Policy

Guests of Students
A residence hall guest is any person not assigned to the room in which he/she is staying overnight or a person not affiliated with Hartwick College.  A guest must have a host who is a member of the College community.  In order to ensure safety and security, all overnight guests MUST register with the resident advisor on duty in the RA Office of the residence hall.  The ultimate responsibility for such registration and compliance with all College policies lies with the host.

  • Students may not have more than two guests are at the same time.
  • Any guest parking a motor vehicle on the campus overnight must obtain a Temporary Guest Parking Permit from the Office of Campus Safety.
  •  Individual guests may be hosted in Hartwick College housing no more than three nights total in any month, whether with the same host or different hosts.
  • No guests are permitted during exam periods, the week preceding an exam period, or during any College recess.
  • Sleeping in student lounges and other public spaces is prohibited.

College Recruited Visitors
Offices wishing to have college recruits stay on campus must adhere to the following policies:

  • The Office of Residential Life and Housing must be notified at minimum 24 hours in advance of any individual visitors (up to four at any one time) planning to stay overnight in the residence halls.  The office coordinating this visit will send the name of the visitor(s), the name of host/hostess, the room number and hall to the Office of Residential Life and Housing and the Office of Campus Safety 24 hours in advance of the visit.
  • The Office of Residential Life and Housing must be notified one week in advance of any group (a group is defined as five or more visitors at once) planning to stay overnight in the residence halls.
  • Coordinating offices hosting groups of five or more must provide the Office of Residential Life and Housing, Office of Campus Safety, Perrella Wellness Center, and switchboard with a list of names of all visitors; the names of each host/hostess; and identify the hall and rooms they will be occupying at least 24 hours before their visit to the campus.
  • Groups of 20 or more guests will not be scheduled for overnight visits on campus in residence facilities.
  • The Office of Residential Life and Housing will provide the crisis intervention team with rosters of guests and hosts.  The crisis intervention team includes representatives from health services, residential life, campus safety, and switchboard.
  • Coordinating offices will have minor (under 18) visitors and their parents (when present) sign the Overnight Guest Policy Form that informs them of the College's emergency medical procedures and requests they provide the College with any emergency medical information necessary for treatment.
  • There will be three groups of hosts on campus; each will be highly selective.  The admission department, athletics department, and student affairs division will each set criteria which guides them in selecting a highly responsible group of students who will act as hosts throughout the year.  Other departments wishing to schedule groups or individual visitors into residence facilities for the purpose of recruitment must use these student hosts.
  • Hosts will be officially recommended by various constituencies on campus and will be trained, by student affairs staff, as to their responsibilities.  Responsibilities will include (but are not limited to) adhering, and ensuring that visitors for whom they are responsible adhere, to all College policies, and local, state and federal laws. Student hosts who violate this policy will be subject to removal from the approved host list and/or disciplinary action.
  • The Office of Admissions and Athletics Office will notify all the appropriate officials of any last minute changes in host or visitor assignments as they occur.
  • Organizations having overnight guests with special needs (guide dogs, etc.) must register these special needs with the Office of Residential Life and Housing at least three weeks prior to the visit.
  • If there is a change in guests, hosts, room assignments, size of group, etc., it is the responsibility of the coordinating office to notify the Office of Residential Life and Housing prior to the arrival of guests.
  • The Office of Residential Life and Housing reserves the right to deny these visitations on the basis of safety or security or if the organizing group has not followed appropriate procedures.