Recycling and Garbage

Hartwick College complies with county recycling laws and makes provision for easy compliance by students living in College residence halls.  Each hall has a designated place for recycling collection (a lounge or laundry room) or can be placed in the recycling side of the dumpster outside of each residence hall.  All garbage must be removed, by the student, to the garbage side of the dumpster outside of each residence hall.

Hartwick College has adopted the new recycling program, Zero Sort Recycling.  All manner of recyclable material may now be placed, without sorting, on the recycling side of the dumpster, located at each residence hall. Items to recycle include: Cardboard, cereal boxes, juice boxes, shoe boxes, tissue boxes, paper egg cartons and dry food cartons. Paper, newspapers, junk mail, envelopes, magazines and inserts. Plastic containers, numbers 1-7. Glass, bottles and containers (any color). Metal, aluminum cans, foil, food and beverage cans, labels are ok.

Under no circumstances should any garbage be left at the recycling collection place.  Failure to comply with the recycling policy will result in College disciplinary action and/or county fines.