Room Decorations

Furnishings and Decoration
Students are encouraged to decorate their rooms to provide a comfortable and personal atmosphere. At the same time, consideration for safety and respect for College property must be regarded. The following guidelines apply to furnishing and decorating of student rooms:


  • Open Windows: Throwing, dropping, hanging, or passing objects in or out of an open window is strictly prohibited.
  • All fixed furnishings and accessories, such as built-in closets and storage units, lights, and other permanent structures may not be removed or altered by residents.
  • All furniture (bed, mattress, desk, chair & dressers) that is in the room at the time of check-in must remain in the room. Students will be charged the full amount for replacing missing furniture. Only the Director of Residential Life can give permission to remove furniture from the room.
  • Students may not use common area furniture for their personal rooms. Furniture placed in lounges and other public areas is for the benefit of all residents. Taking common area furniture denies others the use of it. Students found responsible for having lounge furniture in their rooms will face judicial charges, and disciplinary action will be taken.
  • Beds in the student's rooms may be bunked by the students. Pins are available at each RA office. Lofting is not permitted.


·         Offensive material on doors, windows or otherwise displayed publicly is not permitted.

·         Door surfaces cannot be covered with contact, construction or tissue papers or any flammable materials. Door painting is not permitted.

·         Students are not permitted to panel, barn-side, paint, wallpaper or otherwise place material on their room walls. No shelving or other construction is permitted unless it is freestanding.  No holes may be made in the wall or ceiling.  No bars are permitted to be installed in any on-campus housing unit.

·         State fire codes require that only 20% of the wall space can be covered with posters or pictures, for fire safety. Students with excessive wall coverings will be asked to remove them. Only paper made posters, pictures or decorations may be placed on the walls of the residence hall rooms. Any fabric decorations (flags, jerseys, tapestries, etc.) must be sealed inside of a frame. Please consult with your residential life staff member for any questions regarding what is acceptable.

·         Rooms and Halls with Block Walls - Students wishing to decorate walls may use regular scotch tape only.  Double stick tape, duct tape, electricians' tape, masking tape and other brands of tape are extremely difficult to remove and may cause peeling and cracking. Students will be billed for this type of adhesive removal and wall/ceiling repair.

·         Rooms and Halls with Plaster/Sheet Rock Walls - Students wishing to decorate walls may use thumbtacks only.  Nails or tape of any kind should not be used.  When removing tacks they should be twisted to minimize damage to the walls.  Students using nails or tape on sheet rock walls will be billed for plastering and painting.

·         Holiday lights are not permitted in residence halls rooms, hallways, or houses.

  • Only power strips can be used for outlets. Extension cords and outlet expansion units are not permitted.
  • Curtains are not permitted in the Residence Halls. Window blinds are provided for each room window.
  • Nails or screws or other materials that may cause damage may not be used on room interior, woodwork, or doors.
  • Students may not paint their own residence hall/house room. If a student feels his/her room is in need of paint he/she should contact the Residence Director to request a room inspection. The physical plant staff will determine the need and if necessary establish a timeline for painting.