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Social Issues & Wellness Education


At Hartwick College the Office of Social Issues and Wellness Education is dedicated to establishing a supportive and inclusive environment that respects the academic experience, connects and engages the entire Hartwick community, and provides opportunities for personal growth and development.

Educational Initiatives

Social Issues focuses on providing resources and programming around four specific areas to the Hartwick community: Diversity, GLBTQ Education (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning), Interfaith and Spirituality and Women’s Education. The director serves as a point of contact within the Student Affairs division who is easily identified to the larger Hartwick community as a person to reach out to for resources both on the Hartwick Campus, and within the surrounding community.

Our primary focus is to provide programming that will help students in the life-long development of a healthy lifestyle. While there are many topics covered over the course of an academic year, some topics covered annually are: alcohol and other drug education, relationships and sexual responsibility, nutrition, sleep and other general health related topics. Our goal is to provide the information that will give our community members the ability to make their own responsible choices. We believe that each of these opportunities will help connect each individual physically, emotionally, spirituality, and intellectually to increase their personal well-being and have a positive impact on the Hartwick College community.

Taralyn Loewenguth
Dean of Student Life 
422-A Dewar Union