Student Affairs Forms

Judicial Appeals: Students may appeal the decision of a hearing body or hearing officer. See Judicial Bodies: Appeals for more information. A Notice of Desire to Appeal Form must be submitted to the Office of Student Life within five days of noticiation of the decision.

Notice of Desire to Appeal Form (pdf document)

Student Judicial Boards: Peer review is an important part of the Hartwick College judicial system. See Judicial Bodies: Hearings for more information. Hartwick students can apply to serve on a judicial board, applications are due in early May for the following academic year.

Emergency Loans: Student Emergency Loan Funds are available to assist Hartwick College students who, for emergency reasons, need additional funds. The funds are intended to help the student complete their education at Hartwick College. Please inquire within the Office of Student Affairs, 4th Floor Dewar Union, Room 420, or call x4502.

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183The number of students-faculty projects supported by Freedman Prizes since 2004-05.