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Division of Student Affairs Offices and Staff

The Student Affairs Division encompasses all aspects of the co-curricular experience. Areas of responsibility within this division are charged with inspiring the development of students and creating an atmosphere conducive to the educational process. Education is active and continuous, encompassing all aspects of the college experience.

Meg Nowak, Ph.D.
Vice President for Student Affairs
4th floor, Dewar Union

Taralyn Loewenguth
Dean of Student Life
4th floor, Dewar Union

Student Conduct
Accountability for decisions made is an important part of student development. This area is charged with resolution for alleged violations of community standards.

Kim Fierke, Ph.D.
Director of Athletics

Athletics serves the student body through direct sports participation and promotes the physical, motor, mental, emotional and social development of participants.

Campus Safety
Thomas P. Kelly
Director of Campus Safety
3rd floor, Dewar Union

Campus Safety's function is to provide students with the safest possible environment in which to pursue their academic goals.

Counseling Services
Gary A. Robinson
Director of Counseling Services
Perrella Wellness Center

Counseling is a process of exploring ourselves and our experiences with trained professionals in a safe, private, and confidential manner. Informative programs on a variety of issues also are offered.

Health Services - Perrella Wellness Center
Elizabeth R. Morley
Director of Perrella Wellness Center
Perrella Wellness Center

Appointments may be scheduled at Perrella Wellness Center with experienced physician or nursing staff. Education is emphasized for students to establish healthy living practices.

Residential Life and Housing
Zachary D. Brown
Director of Residential Life and Housing
4th floor, Dewar Union

Heather Quire
Assistant Director of Residential Life and Housing
416A Dewar Union

In our residential campus environment, this department provides the tools necessary to establish a strong sense of community, stimulate intellect, and encourage growth.

Campus Activities
Joshua Nelson
Director of Dewar Union and Campus Activities
4th floor, Dewar Union

Paul Habernig
Assistant Director of Campus Activities
4th floor, Dewar Union

With more than 50 organizations, students are offered firsthand experience in program planning, fiscal responsibility, and group leadership, as well as opportunities to attend social and recreational activities. Hartwick College has a rich tradition of supporting Greek life on campus. Leadership workshops are offered throughout the year for the student body.

Health Promotion
Heidi Tanner
Coordinator, Health Promotion and Campbell Fitness Center
4th floor, Dewar Union

Educational programs are planned on such topics as alcohol and other drugs, sexual responsibility, stress management, and healthy lifestyle choices.

Know the Facts.
29The percentage of Hartwick students who play at least one sport.