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A Letter from the Vice President for Student Affairs

Dear Hartwick Students,

This handbook has been prepared primarily to assist students and student organizations in achieving their individual and organizational goals.  Secondly, the information in the handbook is designed to enable you to positively meet your responsibilities as contributing members of the Hartwick community.  The policies and procedures concerned with student life are generally a result of the input and contributions of students, faculty and staff.  Basic to the formulation of these policies and procedures is the belief that each member of the Hartwick College community has a primary responsibility for the governance of his/her own affairs, and that those affairs must be managed in such a way as to safeguard and respect the rights of other community members.  Coupled with the responsibility for the choices and decisions one makes is the expectation of accountability for the actions that result from the decisions made. 

As a member of the Hartwick community, you are expected to be familiar with the College policies and to take responsibility for your conduct at all times.  You will discover that as a member of this community there are many opportunities and avenues for your personal growth, intellectual enrichment, and emotional, cultural and social development.  Along with meeting new people and sharing new experiences, you will be confronted with having to make choices and decisions.  Some may be easy and rather straightforward, others a bit more complex and challenging.  However, your ability to positively and appropriately meet these responsibilities will be a critical element of your success here at Hartwick and an essential part of mature and successful community membership.

Our commitment is to provide you with many diverse opportunities and experiences that will assist you in meeting your academic, social and career goals.  Rest assured that the faculty, administrative staff and your peers are eager to help you in every way.

Each student is strongly encouraged to familiarize him/herself with both the spirit of, and the specific information in, this handbook.

I am looking forward to the opportunity of meeting you and helping you build the kind of experiences that will serve you well in future years.  On behalf of the Office of Student Affairs, best wishes for a successful and rewarding career at Hartwick. If any staff member of Student Affairs can be of assistance to you please do not hesitate to ask.


Meg Nowak, Ph.D.
Vice President for Student Affairs