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Policies Related to Student Organizations and Greek Life

Campus Organizations
New Member Orientation
Greek Life

Campus Organizations
All campus organizations will have an approved charter on file with Student Senate as part of the formal recognition process. The director of student involvement, in conjunction with Student Senate, will annually review the bylaws of all recognized organizations to ensure that they are compliant with the general rules and regulations of the College and supportive of the educational mission of the institution.

Student and community organizations wishing to advertise an event to be held on campus MUST register that event with the director of student involvement prior to posting. The advertising of alcohol, whether part of an event or otherwise associated with the activity, must clearly indicate that food and non-alcoholic beverages will be available. Any advertisement for alcohol must be approved by the vice president for student affairs or his/her designee. Advertisements posted in violation of this policy will be removed and destroyed, and those responsible may be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.

New Member Orientation
Hartwick College is an institution of higher education devoted to excellence in teaching, research and service to the people of the state and nation. A part of that mission is fulfilled by the College's commitment to the development of students through academic and co-curricular activities. All recognized student organizations (clubs, athletic teams, fraternities, sororities, etc.) have the potential to contribute significantly to a student's intellectual and personal development. In keeping with its commitment to foster a positive academic environment, Hartwick College unconditionally opposes any situation created intentionally or recklessly to produce mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment or ridicule. Hazing will result in disciplinary action.

New member orientation guidelines include:

  • Membership related activities must not interfere with the rights and activities of others and should always reflect the best interests of the members and the College community as a whole. Activities may not interfere with college work or have the potential to do so. 
  • The negligence, gross negligence, consent of the student/participant or any assumption of risk by the student/participant is not a defense to any action brought pursuant to the College hazing policy. 
  • All new member, initiation, and induction activities must end at a minimum of fourteen days prior to the last week of classes each semester.
  • New member, initiation, and induction activities are not permitted to occur between the hours of 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. This means that all new member activities must end prior to 11 p.m. or begin after 7 a.m. This policy prohibits activities associated with the new member education process that include overnight stays in prospective fraternity or sorority housing or in special accommodations established for the purpose of keeping the new members in one location. 
  • Greek organizations can find a more complete list of activities that are considered to be hazing in the Fraternal Insurance Programming Group (FIPG) section on hazing.

For further clarification of policies and documents necessary for student organizations, please see the director of leadership development.

Greek Life
Greek Organizations
Hartwick College currently recognizes three fraternities and three sororities. Roughly eight percent of Hartwick students participate in these social Greek letter organizations.

Hartwick College has a rich tradition of supporting Greek life on campus.  Greek organizations benefit the campus community by enhancing leadership development, providing support systems, providing philanthropic opportunities, stimulating academic performance, and developing healthy social experiences.

Students desiring additional information about individual fraternities or sororities are encouraged to contact the officers of the individual Greek organizations or All-Greek Council.

Students interested in information about the Greek community in general or with questions regarding the policies applicable to Hartwick's Greek organizations should contact the director of Greek life.  A handbook of information regarding Greek life at Hartwick is available upon request.

Relationship to the College
The primary mission of Hartwick College is to provide a positive liberal arts educational experience to its students. A strong Greek community offers an opportunity, to a student selecting such an affiliation, for development of leadership and communication skills, group and personal responsibility; growth from participation in the decision making process of the organization and in effectuating the relationship of the organization with the Greek and campus community. Greek organizations have a significant impact and therefore must share the responsibility for strengthening the quality of student life at Hartwick by making a significant, positive contribution to our present and future students and the alumni of their respective organizations.

This relationship statement applies only to national or local fraternities and sororities recognized by Hartwick College that actively participate in, and are members of good standing in, Panhellenic or Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC) and All-Greek Council.

Recognition is the formal process by which Hartwick College consents that a social fraternity or sorority may function on campus, initiate academically eligible members of the Hartwick student body through recruitment activities and identify its organization as affiliated with the College.

The College recognizes the benefits of the Greek experience, including the ideals of brotherhood/sisterhood and mutual support. It is prepared to work with the organizations to develop policies and practices that support the welfare of fraternities and sororities, enhance the quality of life for students, support the mission and goals of the College, and promote the growth of Greek life at Hartwick College.

Greek houses are owned by legal corporations external to the College. In all cases, organization corporations, alumni corporations and local or national Greek organizations are incorporated separately from Hartwick College.

Privileges Extended by the College
The privileges of College-recognized Greek organizations include: 

  1. The opportunity to select their members according to recruitment guidelines established by Panhellenic, Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC), All-Greek Council and the College. 
  2. Participation in campus group activities. 
  3. Assistance, if requested, in securing an advisor to help in resolving operational and programming matters. 
  4. Governance through Panhellenic, IFC and All-Greek Council. 
  5. Providing the opportunity for participation in enriching and educational experiences. 
  6. Professional counseling by student affairs staff to assist organizations in dealing with programmatic, leadership and operational matters and serving as a liaison between organizations and other segments of the campus. 
  7. Participation in the athletic, social and educational programs and services of Hartwick College that are provided for Greek organizations or otherwise available to all students. 
  8. Autonomy in the governance of each organization to the extent that it remains consonant with the goals and values of the organization, and its national, if any, and with the mission and policies of the College.

Obligations of the College
Recognized fraternities and sororities may expect that Hartwick will make a concerted effort to provide and/or encourage the following: 

  1. Enhance education at the College through participation in each organization and the opportunity for leadership within each organization, the Greek community and the campus co-curricular programs.
  2. An individual employed by the College will serve as advisor to Greek life. 
  3. Advise and support Panhellenic, IFC, All-Greek Council and their activities. 
  4. Maintain records for housing and scholarship. 
  5. Provide interested students and parents with information about recognized fraternities and sororities. 
  6. Maintain contact with national offices and national representatives. 
  7. Provide an open atmosphere in which recognized fraternities and sororities may comfortably share concerns and ideas. 
  8. Facilitate participation in recruitment or membership solicitation programs as monitored by Panhellenic, IFC and All-Greek Council. 
  9. Provide reasonable assistance in communicating with the College alumni of the organizations. 
  10. Allow access to and use of College facilities for official organization functions as approved by the appropriate office. 
  11. Provide advice in the conduct of the fraternity/sorority's business affairs, recruitment, new member education process and programming. 
  12. Recognize fraternity and sorority housing as approved College housing.

Chapter Success Plan
The Chapter Success Plan for fraternities and sororities was established by the leadership of all Greek organizations and members of the student affairs staff in 2007. The purpose of the plan is to: 

  • Define and promote a positive relationship between Hartwick College and social fraternities and sororities recognized by the institution. 
  • Identify standard expectations for recognition. 
  • Promote a positive self-governing and self-regulating relationship among fraternities and sororities.

The Chapter Success Plan Review Committee, within the Office of Student Affairs, will evaluate each chapter on an ongoing basis. Each chapter will prepare and present a report following the format prescribed by the Office of Student Affairs based on the standard areas outlined in the Chapter Success Plan: Academics and scholarship, membership, social and community activities, educational programming, chapter operations, leadership and chapter development, risk management, city and community relations, and property management.

National Affiliation
Subject to continued fulfillment of all applicable College requirements for recognition, Hartwick College will recognize all local and national Greek organizations that are recognized as of August 1, 2002. In the future only nationally affiliated organizations will be granted institutional recognition. If a Greek organization loses its national affiliation, it will also lose recognition by the College.

Eligibility: Fraternities and Sororities
Fraternity and sorority eligibility and recruitment regulations are set by Panhellenic, Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC) and All-Greek Council subject to approval by the director of Greek life. Guidelines for potential new members and fraternity and sorority members are: 

  1. To be eligible for recruitment, a student must (a) have successfully completed a minimum of one term at Hartwick College as a full-time student, (b) have successfully completed 12 credit hours, and (c) have attained a cumulative average of at least 2.25. The grade for the January Term of the current academic year shall be included in this average. 
  2. In no part of the recruitment program shall College rules be violated by a fraternity or sorority or its members. 
  3. Fraternity and sorority members are expected to exercise good judgment and act in a neutral capacity with potential new members. 
  4. Persons with incompletes or with grades pending from January Term, who do not meet the outlined requirements as they stand, will not be eligible for recruitment no matter how such changes in grades will later impact their overall credit hours or GPA. If said persons are interested in recruitment, they have until the day before their respective Bid Day to get their grades finalized with their professors.

Greek Housing
All fraternity and sorority housing, regardless of ownership, that is designated College-approved housing is subject to the same restrictions, prohibitions and regulations as is any other residential facility that is College-owned or College-approved. Residents of fraternities and sororities are governed by the College's General Rules of Conduct. Violations of those rules subject the student and/or the organization to disciplinary action. College personnel shall be granted full access to Greek houses immediately upon request for the purpose of enforcing and investigating potential violations of applicable College policies, procedures, rules or regulations.

Only eligible recognized members of the fraternity/sorority, enrolled at Hartwick College, may reside in any fraternity/sorority house unless granted permission by the vice president for student affairs.

Each chapter sets the minimum number of occupants to fill the house each semester by working with their alumni corporation advisors. Chapter leadership must submit a housing roster to the Office of Greek Life, and each member requesting to live in the house must submit a Greek Housing Application Form. Greek housing rosters for Fall Term must be submitted within one week following completion of the new member process or by May 1.

Seniors with permission to live in Greek housing who later wish to move into private housing must follow the procedure outlined under Off-Campus Housing in Residential Life Policies.

Juniors and seniors with permission to reside in Greek housing but wishing to return to College housing must apply for and receive permission from the Office of Residential Life and Housing to do so. Housing will be provided in such cases as space allows.

Alcohol in Hartwick Greek Houses
The irresponsible use of alcoholic beverages by students is not condoned by Hartwick College, the All-Greek Council nor any recognized Greek organization. It is recognized that students need to make individual choices concerning their use of alcohol. Intoxication in no way releases a student from full responsibility for his/her behavior and its consequences.

All members of the Greek community and their guests are subject to the New York State Alcoholic Beverage Control Law and regulations stating in part: 

  • The selling or furnishing of alcoholic beverages of any kind to persons under the age of 21 by any person is illegal. 
  • The misrepresentation of one's age in order to obtain an alcoholic beverage is illegal. 
  • Possession of alcohol by anyone under 21 is illegal.

Alcohol and Drug Policy
Hartwick College recognizes the importance of social gatherings as a means of developing community and fostering friendships among students. The College expects that alternatives to alcoholic beverages be widely available at all social functions. Under no circumstances should consumption of alcohol be the primary focus of a social gathering. The College has adopted Fraternity Insurance Purchasing Group (FIPG) guidelines, including: 

  1. The possession, sale, use or consumption of ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES, while on organization premises, during a fraternity event, in any situation sponsored or endorsed by the organization, or in any event an observer might intend to associate with the fraternity, must be in compliance with any and all applicable laws, rules and regulations of the state, county, city and the College, and must comply with either the BYOB or the FIPG Manual’s Third Party Vendor Checklist, both accessed from the web link above. 
  2. No alcoholic beverage may be purchased through organization funds nor may the purchase of it for members or guests be undertaken or coordinated by any member in the name of, or on behalf of, the organization. The purchase or use of a bulk quantity or common sources of such alcoholic beverage, e.g. kegs or cases, is prohibited. 
  3. OPEN PARTIES, meaning those with unrestricted access by non-members of the fraternity, without specific written invitation, where alcohol is present, are prohibited. 
  4. No members, collectively or individually, shall purchase for, serve to, or sell alcoholic beverages to any minor (i.e., those under legal “drinking age”). 
  5. The possession, sale or use of any ILLEGAL DRUGS or CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES, while on organization premises or during an organization event or at any event that an observer might tend to associate with the organization, is strictly forbidden. 
  6. No organization may co-sponsor an event with an alcohol distributor, tavern (defined as an establishment generating more than half of its annual gross sales from alcohol) or charitable organization where alcohol is given away, sold or otherwise provided. Organization may use said organizations as third party vendors (see the FIPG Manual’s Third Party Vendor Checklist, using web link above, for complete definition). 
  7. No organization may co-sponsor or co-finance a function where alcohol is purchased by any of the host organizations, groups or other organizations. 
  8. All recruitment activities associated with any organization will be DRY functions at which absolutely no alcohol will be present. 
  9. No member shall permit, tolerate, encourage, or participate in “drinking games.” 
  10. No alcohol shall be present at any new member/associate member/novice program, activity or ritual of the organization.

Registered Events

  1. ALL Greek events must comply with Greek and College policies and state laws regarding the use of alcoholic beverages. Non-compliance will result in disciplinary action taken by the vice president for student affairs or his/her designee. Possible action against the organization and/or individual deemed responsible includes warning, censure, social probation (restriction on future social activities or closing of the organization’s house for a specified period of time), suspension as a recognized Greek organization of Hartwick College, or permanent loss of recognition. 
  2. Only Hartwick undergraduates of that Greek organization's active membership, alumni, new member/associates, and specifically invited guests may attend a Greek event. A guest list at the entrance is required. (Note: A general invitation to a segment of Hartwick student body such as a residence hall, or a function publicized by flyers slipped under doors is NOT permitted.) 
  3. ALL Greek sponsored events must be registered with the Office of Student Affairs a minimum of one week prior to the scheduled date of the event. Guest lists must be submitted to the Office of Student Affairs by noon on the Monday following the event.

Greek Event Policy Guidelines 

  1. All events should be under the category of BYOB (bring your own beverage). Organizations should discourage the use of bottles in BYOB events. Bottles can be a dangerous weapon. Charging for admission or a cup and then providing alcohol is illegal and is not different than selling by the drink. Organizations should not provide alcohol under any circumstance, even if it is served free to members and guests. 
  2. Anyone who is to consume alcohol at a registered organization house event must present identification issued by a government entity documenting that they are of legal drinking age. This identification must be presented to the social chairperson or his/her designee at the time of registration. 
  3. All persons admitted to the event must be identified as a Hartwick College student or the personally escorted guest of an organization member. Door checkers must be assigned to each entrance/exit, including patio/deck entrances. Door checkers must be on duty for the entire event. Names of door checkers must be provided to the Office of Student Affairs by noon Wednesday in advance of the event. 
  4. Age identification (stamp, wristband, picture ID, etc.) must be presented by event participants to the beverage server in order to be served. Individuals failing to comply with the age identification process will be required to leave the event. All guests must sign the guest list for the event. 
  5. Any individual knowingly serving or giving an alcoholic beverage to an underage person will be asked to desist. Failure to comply will result in the individual being asked to leave the event. 
  6. Beverage servings are not to exceed 12 oz. of beer, 4 oz. of wine or 1 oz. of any other alcoholic beverage. Beverages may not be dispensed to anyone who does not possess proper identification. 
  7. Persons who appear to be intoxicated or who may pose a threat to the safety of themselves or others should be stopped from consuming further alcohol. 
  8. Persons in charge of an event (social chairperson or designee), beverage servers, and door checkers will abstain from using alcohol during an event. 
  9. No person at any event should possess more than one single serving of an alcoholic beverage at a time (see #6 above). 
  10. Large containers (pitchers, buckets, jugs, etc.) will not be filled or allowed at any event at any time. 
  11. Events at which alcohol is present may only be scheduled for Thursday through Saturday from 6 p.m. until 1 a.m. The social chairperson or designee will be responsible for ensuring that the dispensing of alcohol is stopped by the required time. 
  12. No open alcoholic beverage containers may be taken from the house. The dispensing and consumption of alcohol must be restricted to within the walls of the house and on attached first floor decks and patios. Persons of legal age (21) may take with them any unopened alcoholic beverage containers they brought with them in the case of BYOB events.
  13. No members or guests will be permitted to bring alcoholic beverages to an event, from outside, with the intent to distribute to others. Alcohol for BYOB events is no greater than one six-pack per 21-year-old. If persons are found to be distributing alcohol to persons other than themselves, they may be charged with providing alcohol to minors and their alcohol will be confiscated by the hosting organization and returned only when the individual leaves the event.
  14. Food and non-alcoholic beverages must always be served by a Greek house anytime alcohol is present. 
  15. Members or guests who are obviously intoxicated will be provided with safe transportation or given escorts to assist them to their residences. 
  16. House members shall look out for the safety of their peers (including house members, College students and other guests) when drinking at the house or away. They shall not drink and drive or permit their peers to drink and drive. 
  17. Signs informing guests of applicable New York State law will be posted visibly at all entrances and exits of the house. 
  18. All sound amplification systems must be contained within the walls of the house. Such equipment will not be permitted on decks or patios, or in windows or doorways with the intent of projection outdoors. The City of Oneonta noise ordinances will be complied with in all respects. It is suggested that windows and doors facing the residential neighborhood be closed. 
  19. Members of the organization must complete Training for Intervention Programs. At every social event at least five members, including one officer, must serve as sober crew and be responsible for the event. 
  20. No grain alcohol shall be served or permitted. 
  21. No kegs or other "common sources" of alcohol shall be available at Greek events, unless a College-approved third party vendor is used.