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Membership in Fraternities & Sororities

Recruitment is an introduction to Greek Life and the mutual selection process for membership. Through events sponsored by the fraternities and sororities, you will develop a better understanding of the Greek system and which organization is best suited to your interests and values.

Requirements to Join a Fraternity/Sorority
To eligible for recruitment you must have completed a minimum of one term at Hartwick College as a full time student (12 credit hours) and attainted a cumulative GPA of 2.25. There are no exceptions made to these requirements. You must meet the requirements to be eligible to receive a bid.

New Member Education
All students who receive and accept a bid (an offer of membership) participate in the new member education process. New members participate in both their individual chapter’s new member program and the Hartwick College New Member Education Workshops. Each chapter’s new member education program offers new members the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the history and traditions of the organization. The new member education process lasts a maximum of six weeks. All new members participate in the Hartwick New Member Education workshops sponsored by Student Life. The workshops provide information to new members so they can become successful chapter members. Session topics include hazing prevention, role modeling, time management study skills, wellness, service, risk management, and teamwork.