Intramural Dodgeball Rules

General Rules
1. There will be 5 people playing per team during the game. Co-ed league must have at least 2 females on the court per game.

2. Regular season games will consist of 5-game series; playoffs and finals will consist of 7 game series.

3. The number of balls for a 10-player game is 4.

4. Balls will be placed on the center line of the court. After the signal both teams will approach the center line to retrieve the balls.

5. Balls MUST be taken back to the end line before they can be thrown. If the ball is not then the throw will not count.

6. If a player is hit with a ball then that player is out.

7. After one team has been eliminated the game will start again.

Rules of Play
1. Uniform is considered part of the body.

2. If a defender catches a ball then the thrower is out. If the defender
drops the ball that is thrown at them the defender is out.

3. A player may block a live ball then throw the blocking ball down
and catch the live ball.

4. A player cannot leave the court to avoid being hit.

5. Players who have been called out may retrieve balls for their team but may not pass the centerline. They may not leave the “out box” to get balls for their teammates.

6. If you are leading the game you cannot hold the balls for more than 10 seconds.

7. If a blocking ball is dropped as a result of contact from a live ball,
then the player who drops the ball is out.

8. If a thrower intentional hits a defender in the head the thrower is out. If the defender ducks to avoid being hit and gets hit in the head then the defender is out.

9. If a ball hits the ground, wall, ceiling or basket, the ball is dead. If the ball has not touched any of these things, then the ball is still live.