Intramural Soccer Rules

1. All games are 7-on-7; 6 players and a goalie. You can start a game with 6 players (5 field players and 1 goalie).

2. Games are made up of 20 minute running halves with 5-minute sudden death overtime in case of a tie. If still tied after sudden death, 3 person shootout until there is a winner.

3. All games are played on the all weather turf. No spikes or cleats are allowed. Shin guards are optional.

4. NO SLIDE TACKLING. Slide tackling will result in a yellow card.

5. Two yellow cards or one red card will result in ejection from the game.

6. No off-sides

7. Legal throw-ins must be used (overhead throws with both hands on the ball and both feet on the ground)

8. Substitution will be on the fly

9. Corner kicks are legal

10. There will be no obstruction on the goalie

11. No hand balls

12. Fouls include tripping, pushing and holding

13. Unsportsmanlike conduct (swearing, fighting, etc.) will result in a red card and immediate ejection from the game.

14. 10 Goal mercy rule after 1st half.

Rules for the Goalie
1. Goalies can't punt the ball, only THROW on saves. Goalie kicks will be throws.

2. Goalies can only use their hands inside the goalie box.

3. A goalie can only kick the ball if it is kicked to him.