Intramural Softball Schedules

If you need to re-schedule your game, 24 hours notice must be given before your start time in order to have a chance for the game to be re-scheduled. E-Mail Zach here.

Men's League

Sun., April 30th Table Rock Field #1
12 p.m. Team Ramroid vs. Phish Dudes
1 p.m. Dynasty vs. Sexy Speedos
2 p.m. Punishers vs. Bag em and Tag em
3 p.m. Team Blowout vs. Heavy Hitters

Mon., May 1st Table Rock Field #1
5 p.m. Team Cheese vs. Sexy Speedos
6 p.m. Playmakers vs. Phish Dudes

Wed., May 3rd Table Rock Field #1
4:45 p.m. Team Blowout vs. Team Cheese
6 p.m. Punishers vs. Playmakers

Tues., May 9th Table Rock Field #1
6:15 p.m. - Championship - Team Blowout vs. The Playmakers

Co-Ed League

Thur., April 27th Table Rock Field #1
5 p.m. The Delays vs. Pine Lake
6 p.m. Crushers vs. Bag'em and Tag'em

Sun., April 30th Table Rock Field #1
4 p.m. Sonata your Momma vs. You People
5 p.m. Da Sluggas’ vs. Your Mom’s Face

Mon., May 8th Table Rock Field #1
5 p.m. The Delays vs. Bag’em and Tag’em
6 p.m. You People vs. Your Mom’s Face

Wed., May 10th Table Rock Field #1
6:15 p.m. - Championship - Bag'em and Tag'em vs. Your Mom's Face

* Winners in Bold
** If time and weather allow, we may be able to offer "play dates" where two teams can sign up to play against each other after the tournaments have been completed. Keep checking here to see if/when these dates will be posted.