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Billing Policy


For most students, tuition is billed at the full-time status rate. Full-time is 12-16 credit hours per semester. You must maintain a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester to remain full-time.

If you should drop below 12 credits per semester prior to the Add/Drop date, you will be considered part-time for billing and financial aid will be affected. The student will also need to petition the Committee on Academic Success for Part-Time Status.

A student with a GPA of 2.0 or greater may take up to 20 credit hours per semester. Permission is needed if the student wishes to take more than 20 credits, or if she or he is below 2.0 GPA and wishes to exceed 16 credits. There is an over-election fee for each credit hour over 20 credits for fall or spring semester, or over 4 credit hours in January. See Tuition and Fees for over-election charge.

Late Add
You may not add a course after two weeks into the semester, unless you follow the procedure and petition the Committee on Academic Standards. If you are granted permission to add a course after the two-week period, there will be a fee of $50 per course for late add. For those courses that meet for less than the full term, the late-add date will be one week into the course.

All mandatory fees are listed separately on your billing statement. These fees apply to all current enrolled students. The orientation fee and technology fee are one-time fees, the first semester of enrollment. All other fees are charged by the half-year, in equal installments.

As long as there is an outstanding (delinquent) balance on an account, including Hartwick Tuition accounts, Hartwick Institutional loans, or Federal Perkins and Nursing loans, no transcript or diploma will be released from the College. (An exception is made for scholarships to be used at Hartwick College.) Prior to requesting the transcript from the Office of the Registrar, you need clearance from the Office of Student Accounts. Save yourself a trip and stop at this office first.

Billing Address
Statements are directed to the parent or guardian who signed the Financial Responsibility Form. We are not allowed to discuss the account with anyone other than the student and the parent who has signed to be responsible for the account, unless we receive written permission from the student. A student may come to the Office of Student Accounts and request a statement at any time.

Refunds cannot be issued prior to the second Tuesday of Fall and Spring semester. Credits cannot be refunded if there are payments due on the 10-month payment plan, or if the credit is created through pending financial aid. A refund request form can be found here.

Students with past-due balances will not be permitted to pre-register for the subsequent semester. If you receive notice of a restriction, please visit the Office of Student Accounts as soon as possible. We are here to help you and can offer guidance.

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