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Crime Statistics: Your Right to Know

Campus Safety Report

Your personal safety and the security of the campus community are of vital concern to Hartwick College. A copy of the College's annual Campus Safety Report is available for downloading here or upon request by contacting the Office of Campus Safety, Hartwick College, Dewar Hall, Oneonta, NY, 13820, 607-431-4111.

This report includes statistics for the most recent three-year period concerning reported crimes that occurred on campus, on property owned or controlled by the College, and on public property immediately adjacent to and accessible from the campus. The report also includes information regarding the law-enforcement authority of the Campus Safety office, and policies on matters affecting campus safety such as crime prevention, alcohol and drug use, sexual assault, state sex offender registry, and reporting of crimes.

Crime Log and Fire Log

In furtherance of your right to know, Hartwick College maintains a public crime log as well as a fire log. The crime log includes only incidents reported to campus safety, but covers all crimes--not just those required in the annual report--meaning crimes like harassment and theft are included in the log. The fire log lists all fires in residential facilities.

The crime log contains "any crime that occurred on campus…or within the patrol jurisdiction of Campus Safety and is reported to Campus Safety." The log includes the "nature, date, time, and general location of each crime" as well as its disposition if known. Incidents are included within two business days but certain limited information may be withheld to protect victim confidentiality, ensure the integrity of ongoing investigations, or to keep a suspect from fleeing. Only the most limited information necessary may be withheld and even then it must be released "once the adverse effect…is no longer likely to occur." Crime logs and fire logs are publicly available during normal business hours and are/will be available online from this Web page.

What You Can Do

All members of the Hartwick community are advised to follow certain common-sense practices to help ensure their safety during emergencies. Click here to view the College’s Emergency Response Guide.

The Clery Act

The Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act, enacted in 1990, is now known as the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (the Clery Act). The College reports its campus statistics on an annual basis in accordance with the Clery Act. Campus crime statistics for Hartwick and other colleges and universities may be found at the U.S. Department of Education's Web site (http://www.ope.ed.gov/security).