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Campus Efficiency and Savings

The Campus Efficiency and Savings Committee is dedicated to identifying ways that the college can increase efficiency and make improvements for the benefit of the entire Hartwick College community.

We value your ideas, suggestions and input. Please use the form below to share your thoughts with us.

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Committee Members:

Gary Ballard, Facilities and Environmental Health Safety Manager
Ric Chrislip, Senior Programmer/Analyst
Min Chung, Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Joseph Ficano, Assistant Director of Advising
P. Cody Fiduccia, Student
Michael Haehnel, Database and Systems Analyst
Duncan Macdonald, Director of Alumni Engagement & WAA Events
Joseph Mack, Executive Facilities Director
Anne Moriarty, Facilities Office Manager
Daniel Morse, Coordinator of Sustainability Programs
Marilyn Nienart, Purchasing Manager
Thomas Sears, Professor of Accounting and Business Administration
Walter Smith, Technology Services Specialist
Kelly Zack-Decker, Senior Assistant to the President & Assistant Secretary to the Board of Trustees