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Get involved from the start.

Learning is all about experiencing....

A college education isn't just about academic experiences, but also social and co-curricular involvement. Hartwick is about building community and learning within and from that community ... both inside and outside the classroom, on campus and across the globe.

Being comfortable in your campus environment is an important first step. Get involved in your residence hall. Be healthy and safe. Know the policies for student living. Learn about multicultural life at Hartwick.

Wondering what to do? Join a club or form one! Attend a campus event, participate in student government. Join an athletic team. Consider intramurals, Greek life or volunteering. Enjoy the arts. There are endless ways to become involved and enjoy the Hartwick scene.

These co-curricular learning experiences enhance your education at Hartwick. Take advantage of the many opportunities for you to reach your potential. Your Hartwick community supports you and shares in your achievements.

Hartwick students come from a wide variety of countries and states; various ethnic, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds; each bringing individual interests, ideas, and dreams for the future. As you live and work side-by-side with our diverse student population, you will grow together and share common experiences and goals. Our small campus makes friendships easy to cultivate and opportunities for involvement are readily available.

Our Student Affairs staff works closely with student organizations on campus to foster, encourage, and support social programs for the campus community. Our programs, activities, events, and other resources are designed to foster your personal growth, help enrich your leadership skills, and prepare you for a rewarding career and active, positive citizenship in the 21st century. You'll find the wide range of activities you'd find at a large school, with the opportunities for leadership and creativity that only a small school can offer.

Hartwick College welcomes you to its learning community in Oneonta, our City of the Hills!

Questions? Feel free to contact us.

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