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See Building Accessibility Key below. To download a pdf of our campus map you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader; click here to download a free copy.  Once you have the reader software, click here to download the map for printing.  

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  Hartwick College Campus Map


Building Accessibility Key
1. Bresee Hall- Admissions
Parking available at rear breezeway entrance; first floor accessible with men's restroom on first floor; second floor accessible via Clark Hall elevator.
13. Anderson Center for the Arts
Parking available at Clinton Street entrance; elevator access to all floors; first floor is split level accessible by steps; ADA accessible restrooms available on upper level on first floor.
31. Golisano Hall
Building is accessible through front or side doors. Handicap parking along Hartwick Drive between Golisano and Johnstone. Visitor parking in front of building along Hartwick Drive. Golisano is also accessible from Onondaga Drive by way of a pedestrian bridge.
20. Dewar Union Campus Center
Parking on Hartwick Drive with ramp access to fourth floor; ADA-accessible lift for first to third floor access.
3. Yager Hall- Stevens-German Library, Paul F. Cooper, Jr. Archives, Slade Theatre, The Yager Museum of Art & Culture
Parking at first floor Museum entrance; elevator access to all floors; restrooms on first floor.
21. Shineman Chapel House
Parking available behind Clark Hall; use front entrance.
4.  Maintenance Building- Facilities Services
Parking at front of building.
22. Clark Hall
Parking available near north (Chapel-side) entrance; elevator access to all floors; ADA-accessible rooms; restrooms on each floor.
8. Johnstone Science Center
Parking available near rear entrance; elevator access to all floors; restrooms on each floor.
23. Perrella Wellness Center
Parking at front of building; ramp access on side of building; ADA-accessible restrooms.
9. Binder Physical Education Center
Parking available at the first and third floor levels; elevator access to all floors but not all areas; restrooms on third floor.
26. Leitzell Hall
Parking available; first floor access only; full ADA-accessible suite available.



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