• A Hartwick student using a microscope in the science lab.
  • A Hartwick professor helping a student during class.
  • A Hartwick professor discussing Botany with a student.
  • Hartwick students giving a presentation in front of the class.

Annual Campus Theme

Each year, Hartwick chooses a campus theme. As part of the theme, we offer unique courses, bring in national and international experts, and organize special activities such as films and museum exhibitions. The campus theme gives the entire Hartwick community the opportunity to work together to learn about a complex and significant topic.

Students put each year's theme into practice through student organizations, community involvement, class projects, internships, and senior theses--often making links among themes from various years as they discover interconnections.

The theme started in 1990 as a January Term Academic Theme. In 2002-03, the Academic Theme was expanded to a year-long focus in order to provide a more in-depth exploration of issues. To further engage the community in annual theme programs, the title was changed to Campus Theme in 2010-11.

2015-16: Food and Community
2014-15: Health and the Environment: Personal Courage and Community Activism
2013-14: Exploration
2012-13: Tools for Life
2011-12: The Human Question
2010-11: Consumption
2009-10: Energy
2008-09: Balance
2007-08: Climate Change
2006-07: Water Works
2005-06: Food in Our Lives
2004-05: Health and the Human Experience
2003-04: Globalization
2002-03: Sustainable Living
2002: Native America: Lessons in Survival
2001: Encuentros/Encounters: Art and Social Justice in Latin America
2000: Imagining the 21st Century
1999: Revolutions and Dilemmas of the 20th Century
1998: Gender in the Arts and Sciences
1997: Celebrate the Past, Look to the Future: Hartwick Bicentennial 1797-1997
1996: The Environment, Health, and Social Justice
1995: Ethnicity in a Changing America
1994: Beyond the Melting Pot: Ethnicity in America
1993: Vision, Action, Community
1992: 1492-1992: Encountering New Worlds
1991: The Global Community
1990: The Necessity of Choice: Values in the Western Tradition