Charlotte Says ...

Week of 3/18/13

Question: Is it true that Johnstone's going to be getting a little café built inside of it?

Answer: The concept of a cafe in Johnstone is part of the campus facilities master plan, which is a long-range plan for the campus (over the next 10-20 years). As with any plan, some components may be completed while others may not. It's a nice idea though!

Question: Could you explain the difference between a dual major and a dual degree?
Answer: Students who wish to pursue a dual (or double) major must complete all requirements for each major, in addition to all other graduation requirements. Students will receive just one degree and diploma, either a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts, with both majors noted.

For a dual degree, students must complete all major requirements for each major and all graduation requirements as well as a total of 150 academic credits. Students completing a dual degree will receive two degrees and two diplomas.

Question: Another student told me that some of our sidewalks and stairs are heated but I have never heard that and I asked Brian Hagenbuch about it and he had not heard that either. Are some of the stairs and sidewalks heated?

Answer: At one time many stairs and sidewalks were heated to prevent snow and ice build-up. Currently the only heaters that still work are the elevator entrance to Binder, the ramp to the safety office at Dewar and the circular patio outside of Stack. Heated stairs and sidewalks were popular in the 1970's but are no longer very common.

Unfortunately the only way to repair these heaters is to demolish and rebuild the steps with new heaters. The cost to do this and to operate them can be prohibitive.

Question: Have there been any students in the history of Hartwick who graduated in 2.5 years?

Answer: No one has graduated in 2.5 years taking only Hartwick courses. Of course, when students transfer credit to Hartwick (the maximum allowable is 60 credits) it is often possible to graduate in 2.5 years, or even less time.

Question: Hello! Why do the bells go off (seemingly) randomly throughout the day? Thanks!

Answer: While the timing may seem random, there is, indeed, a schedule for the carillon music (though there may be some variations). Monday through Friday they play at 9 a.m., 12:15 p.m., and 5 p.m.; Saturday at 10 a.m., 2 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.; and Sunday at noon, 2:30 p.m., 4:30 p.m., and 7:30 p.m.

Question: Hello! How do I figure out which songs are played on the carillon? There is one song that I hear every other day, but I simply cannot figure out the name of it. Thanks!

Answer: The following is the list of songs I've discovered so far: "Alma Mater, Oyaron Hill of Dreams"; "America the Beautiful"; and two Christmas carols. There are also four tapes titled "Classical Selections'" numbered 908-911.

Question: Hi Charlotte, So, a guy asked me out on a date for Valentine's Day and I was very excited to go! But now that I have gotten to know him more, I've realized we are nothing alike and I really don't want to go on the date with him. How do I let him down easy? Thanks!

Answer: While my response is a bit late for Valentine's Day, I imagine that it may be useful at some other time ... I believe that honesty is always the best path, although perhaps not the easiest. Start by letting the gentleman know that you've discovered that you like him as a friend, and nothing more, and that you feel that it may be awkward having a date (on Valentine's Day or any other time). He may well agree.

Question: When is the Dean's List usually posted/announced?

Answer: This list is generally announced by the middle of the month following the end of the semester (e.g. in mid-June for the spring semester).

Question: Hello there, what is the process that you would have to go through if you wanted to transfer from Hartwick to a different institution? Thank you.

Answer: The decision to transfer to another college is a major one, and one that merits the same research and reflection that you invested in making the decision to come to Hartwick. I recommend that you start by talking to family, faculty, and staff to clarify your reasons for wanting to transfer, and to confirm that going to another institution is the only way to address those reasons.

If you seek a greater challenge in your academic work, meet with your faculty advisor to discuss options. If you're not satisfied with your current major, contact the Professional, Service and Global Engagement (or PSGE) office in Golisano Hall or a faculty member for their advice and assistance. If your primary reason for wanting to transfer is your residential hall or roommate, speak with your RA or RD for help in addressing the issues. If your reasons are financial, I suggest that you arrange a meeting with the office of Financial Aid to discuss your concerns and needs.

I also recommend that you contact Jane Bachman in the Center for Student Success (4th floor of Dewar Union), as she can be a useful resource in this process. And remember that all students taking a leave of absence or withdrawing must meet with her to complete appropriate paperwork.