Civil War Sesquicentennial Commemoration

As part of the Civil War Sesquicentennial Celebration, Hartwick will present: Diverse Voices and Faces of the Civil War, 2011-12 Civil War Symposium. The symposium will take place September through April with exhibits; presentations; trips; grave-site salutes to Civil War soldiers; and musical performance in Oneonta, Delhi, Binghamton, and Johnson City.

During the symposium, Hartwick will host the USCTI & American Society of Freedmen Descendants Mini-Conference Certificate Event on November 4-5. Northeast Regional Coordinator of the National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom Sheri Jackson is expected to visit the College to take part in opening-day events. Contact Harry Bradshaw Matthews,

Diverse Voices and Faces of the Civil War
Hartwick College's Civil War Sesquicentennial Commemoration 2011-12
Schedule of Events (updated 10/21/11)


September 10
Third Floor, Stevens-German Library, 2-4 p.m.
Flight to Freedom Festival - George Hymas, an illustrator, builder of puppets, and a cabinet maker, will be joined by Ann Stewart of the Cooperstown Graduate Museum Studies Program for a reading and puppet presentation about the story of Henry "Box" Brown who escaped to freedom as a passenger of the Underground Railroad.

Paul Coleman, Stevens-German Librarian, Harry Bradshaw Matthews, Hartwick students and guests will present readings from children books, an exhibit of Civil War prints, and a documentary film. Local folklore discussion and other offerings as a tribute to the Oneonta area's contribution to the anti-slavery movement and the Underground Railroad.

Sunday, September 18
GOHS, 183 Main Street, 2-4 p.m.
Exhibit - Robert Brzozowski and the Greater Oneonta History Center will host its opening of the exhibit, Oneonta & the Civil War [and abolitionism]

Fiddler Kathy Shimberg and Friends

Wednesday, September 28
Easton Lounge, Bresee Hall, 7 p.m.
Hartwick Speaker - Professor David Cody, English Department, will deliver a presentation on the Civil War poems of Herman Melville and Emily Dickinson

Display: Hartwick Family Civil War Stories
Stephanie Brunetta, Communications Office, will post images and documents from the family collections preserved by students, alumni/alumnae, faculty, staff and trustees of the Hartwick College family. These items or facsimiles will be collected and shared in an on-campus display and via the Internet.

Professor Reid Golden, Sociology Department, will spend a section of his course, Irish Culture and Society, on the role of Irish soldiers on both sides of the Civil War conflict.

Professor Cherilyn Lacy, History Department, will engage her students in her Historical Methods course in the Hartwick College archives and try to find information about Hartwick graduates, faculty, staff, trustees, etc. with connections to the Civil War.

Lecturer Harry Bradshaw Matthews, History Department, will explore with students in his Re-Visiting Roots course the anti-slavery movement and provide an opportunity for students to make genealogical connections to the Underground Railroad and the Civil War.


Exhibit- Professor Penny Wightman, Business Administration & Accounting, will prepare an exhibit titled, Financing the Civil War, to be displayed in Golisano Hall.

Saturday, October 15, 7:30 p.m.
Anderson Theatre
Guest Presentation
- Professor Diane Paige, Music Department, will host the Excelsior Cornet Band

Monday, October 17, 7 p.m.
Greater Oneonta Historical Society, 183 Main Street
GOHS Speaker
- Harry Bradshaw Matthews. Associate Dean and Director of the U.S. Pluralism Center, will present, "Flight to Freedom: Oneonta's Role in the Underground Railroad

Thursday, October 20, 4-5 p.m.
Eaton Lounge, Bresee Hall
Hartwick Speaker -
Professor Edythe Ann Quinn, History Department, will give a presentation titled, "Beyond Fort Wagner: Elmira Men in the 54th Massachusetts." This has regional interest and comes with a power point.

Friday, October 21, 4-5 p.m.
Eaton Lounge, Bresee Hall
Lecture on Civil War Medicine- Col. Stephen Craig, U.S. Army (ret.) will offer a lecture on "George Miller Sternberg: A Physician's Experience of the Civil War". George Miller Sternberg was born in 1838 at Hartwick Seminary, and studied at the Hartwick Academy. This presentation will draw upon Sternberg's experiences as a Union Army surgeon to illustrate the challenges of the war from a medical perspective.


Friday-Sunday, November 4-5
Reservations required.
Guests at USCTI & ASFD Mini-Conference
- Harry Bradshaw Matthews, U.S. Pluralism Programs, will be joined by students of PALS, SOSU/BU and the Harriet Tubman Mentoring Project, as well as the NAACP Oneonta Chapter in hosting the participants of the United States Colored Troops Institute & the American Society of Freedmen Descendants.

Wednesday, November 9, 6-7 p.m.
Eaton Lounge, Bresee Hall
Student Presentation
- Professor Cherilyn Lacy will moderate a presentation by students enrolled in her Historical Methods course regarding their findings in the Hartwick Archives regarding two Hartwick Alumni - pro-slavery advocate John A. Quitman and anti-slavery advocate Isaac Newton Arnold.

Wednesday, November 16, 7-8 p.m.
Eaton Lounge, Bresee Hall
Songs, Poems and Stories
- Professor Wendell Frye will lead a fun evening of storytelling, poems and songs about the Civil War.

Saturday, November 5, 6-10 p.m.
Honoring Civil War Veterans
- Will Platt, Binghamton Civil War Historical Society and Roundtable, will sponsor the Second Annual Civil War Veterans Memorial Illumination at three cemeteries, e.g., Chenango Valley Cemetery on Nowlan Road in Hillcrest, Floral Park Cemetery on Floral Avenue in Johnson City, and Spring Forest Cemetery on Mygatt Street in Binghamton.

Saturday, November 12, 1 p.m.
Greater Oneonta Historical Society, 183 Main Street
Redeeming Love, including Ric Chrislip, will present a special repertoire of anti-slavery songs.


Panel Discussion- Professor Katherine O'Donnell, Sociology Department, will moderator a panel that links the abolitionist work of Isaac Newton Arnold of the Hartwick legacy, with today's work on economic justice and human rights.


Thursday, February 16, 7 p.m.
Eaton Lounge, Bresee Hall
Hartwick Musical Presentation
- Mr. Ric Chrislip, Technology Services Department, will be joined by members of his singing group, Redeeming Love, to perform anti-slavery songs and give some background and explanation.

Wednesday, February 22, 5 p.m.
Farrington Room, Dewar
Guest Speaker -
PALS host Dr. David Mills, poet, who will be guest speaker at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Dinner and Presentation.

Friday, February, 24, 7 p.m.
321A, Yager Hall
Film Discussion - PALS host "Black Women in American History," an open and free event with refreshments.


Saturday, March 3, 2012
Student Field Trip -
An Experiential Journey to the Harriet Tubman Home, William H. Seward House and the Women's Hall of Fame.

Sunday, March 11, 5-7 p.m.
Chesebro Room, Dewar Union
Harriet Tubman Civil War Dinner Discussion
- The Harriet Tubman Mentoring Project, SOSU/BU and PALS will host the event exploring the Intersecting Roles of Women in the Anti-Slavery Movement, the Civil War and the Women's Suffrage Movement.

Friday, March 16, 2012, 4:00 p.m.
Eaton Lounge, Bresee Hall
Hartwick Speaker -Professor Edyth Ann Quinn, History Department, will present "Why They Fought: The Civil War Service of 35 Men from The Hills, an African-American Community in Westchester County, NY."

Wednesday, March 21, 7 p.m.
Eaton Lounge, Bresee Hall
Hartwick Speaker - Professor Sean Kelley, History Department, will give a presentation titled, "So, Was the Civil War Really About Slavery?"


Wednesday, April 11, 5-6 p.m.
Chesebro Room, Dewar
Isaac Newton Arnold Day
- - The Harriet Tubman Mentoring Project, SOSU/BU and PALS hosted the dinner discussion, "A Tribute to the Role of Historic Personalities of the Hartwick Seminary and Academy in the Anti-Slavery Movement, Abolitionism and the Civil War."

Saturday, April 13-14[tentative date]
Student Field Trip-
Professor Wendell Frye, Modern Languages, will chaperone a trip to Gettysburg, Harper's Ferry and/or Sharpsburg. He will also plan to have several speakers participate.

Sunday, April 29
Chesebro Room, Dewar
Freedom Journey Salute - The Harriet Tubman Mentoring Project, SOSU/BU and PALS commemorate the Underground Railroad, African American soldiers, and historic leaders for freedom and honoring students who completed the HTMP.