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Marshals & Ushers for Commencement Weekend Activities

Each year a group of twelve juniors are selected to serve as the marshals for that year's commencement ceremony. Students are identified through a nomination process by the current graduates, as well as the rising senior class. As with all honorable nominations, there are responsibilities and expectations of this position, as it has an integral role both in this year's commencement exercises as well as the decisions that will be made related to their own ceremony the following year. The selection process is carried out during the spring term.

Fellow students recommend their peers to carry out the responsibilities associated with the positions, outlined below:

  • Complete appropriate training during the spring semester preceeding the ceremony.
  • Serve in official capacity for three major components during the weekend: Commencement rehearsal, Baccalaureate, and Commencement Ceremony.
  • Answer questions regarding the schedule of events during commencement weekend.
  • Work information stations around campus during commencement weekend as assigned.
  • Serve as a member of the Commencement Planning Committee.
  • Identify the ranking for the potential Commencement speakers.
  • Participate in approximately five fall committee meetings, and bi-weekly meetings during the spring semester.
  • Serve as a conduit of information to/from the senior class regarding all senior class events. 

2014 Nomination Process

The 2013 Commencement Committee will be asking for input on which juniors students feel would best serve as the 2015 Student Commencement Committee, and have an integral role in the 2014 ceremony. To assist you in recommending your peers who will best carry out the responsibilities associated with these positions, we have outlined the expectations below:


The Student Commencement Committee serves as the student voice on commencement related initiatives. Being nominated to this role should be an honor. The Commencement Student Committee work is supported by the Office of the President, and therefore has expectations of responsibility.  Below is a list of key responsibilities someone elected to this position would be expected to fulfill: 

  1. Those elected are required to participate in the commencement ceremony that occurs the May immediately following their election (the May prior to their own gradation),
  2. Those elected are expected to assist with other commencement weekend events as needed,
  3. Those elected are expected to provide input and participate, when appropriate, in the planning of Commencement related activities,
  4. Those elected will assists with the selection of the Commencement speaker for their own Commencement ceremony the following year (this occurs during the spring semester immediately following their election),
  5. Those elected are expected to serve as a spokesperson to the senior class regarding commencement related business,
  6. Those elected are asked to work on different ad-hoc committees related to Commencement weekend events (i.e. Baccalaureate speaker selection, senior slide show, etc.),
  7. Those elected are involved in the selection and training of the Marshals who serve as an integral part of the current year and the following year’s Commencement ceremonies.