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Commencement FAQ

Who may attend Commencement?
This year's Ceremony may be attended by graduating seniors, guests, and those Hartwick community members who are part of the day's activities. Admission onto Elmore field occurs no earlier than 10 a.m. Seats will be distributed on a first-come basis and cannot be reserved.

What if it rains?
The Ceremony will take place under the tent on Elmore Field rain or shine. However, in the event of extended storms with thunder or lightning, we will relocate to multiple locations around campus in order to complete the conferral of degrees.

Does Hartwick offer alternative viewing options for those who cannot attend the event in-person?
Hartwick has made provisions for alternative viewing of Commencement through:

  • Webcast/Live Streaming: To view the webcast, go to http://www.hartwick.edu/commencement and click on "Webcast of Commencement." (A link will be posted on Commencement Weekend.)
  • DVD Archive (available after the Ceremony)

What should Seniors wear during the Commencement ceremony?
We remind students that Commencement is the most formal academic ceremony, and professional attire is appropriate. We also recommend that students keep in mind that spring weather can make for a very soft field surface, where a stiletto heel may not be conducive or safe. For examples of appropriate attire, please see examples on the https://hartlink.hartwick.edu/organization/commencement/gallery

What accommodations are available for people with special needs?
Reserved seating is available for guests with wheelchairs and/or special needs. Arrangements can be made for an interpreter for the hearing impaired, if requested at least 14 days in advance. Arrangements must be made through Leah Elwood in the Office of the Registrar by May 1. Please contact her at 607-431-4435.

Shuttles will transport guests from each of the parking lots on campus to a drop-off location outside Binder Physical Education Center. In addition, the drop-off location next to Binder Physical Education Center is the location where guests with infirm or elderly passengers will be directed for special-needs parking upon request. Please note that certified handicap tags are not required to use this drop-off location. We recommend that guests indicate their interest in using this drop-off area when arriving on campus. Golf carts will also be available at the same location to transport elderly or infirm guests to the Commencement tent and return them to the drop-off area following the Ceremony.

Where do I park?
Campus Safety personnel will be stationed at all campus entrances on Commencement Day to direct guests to parking lots. Shuttle service will be provided to transport guests from parking lots to Elmore Field (adjacent to the Binder Physical Education Center), the venue for the Commencement Ceremony. The Binder parking lot adjacent to Elmore Field, as well as spaces adjacent to and below Binder, will be reserved for handicapped parking, and only cars with a visible handicap stickers or tags will be allowed to park in this location. Elevators in Golisano Hall will take guests to the lower entrance of Binder Physical Education Center, and then to the level where the ceremony will take place.

Where do guests sit during Commencement Exercises?
We will offer seats on Elmore Field to more than 3,500 guests to view the Commencement Ceremony. Admission onto Elmore field occurs no earlier than 10 a.m. Seats will be distributed on a first-come basis and cannot be reserved.

Where is the guest entrance?

Elmore Field, adjacent to Binder Physical Education Center, is the venue for the Commencement Ceremony. Guests will be able to arrive on campus from any entrance on Commencement Day and will be directed by Campus Safety to the appropriate parking lot. Shuttle service will be provided to transport guests from parking lots to Binder Physical Education Center. For those guests who would like to enjoy the beautiful views from Oyaron Hill, signs and volunteers will be posted along the walkways to assist in directing them to Elmore Field.