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Need Based Aid

A merit scholarship awarded by the Hartwick Admissions Office serves as the building block for your financial aid award. Once eligibility for need-based financial aid has been established, the Financial Aid  Office awards grants, scholarships, loans, and work programs to help meet that eligibility. Merit scholarships contribute to meeting need, along with other institutional, federal, and state aid.

Federal and State Need-Based Aid Programs

Program Eligibility Terms
Federal Pell Grant Must have very high need; amount determined by Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Grant; student does not repay
Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant Must have considerable need; limited availability; amount determined by institution Grant; student does not repay
Federal Work-Study Must have need; amount determined by institution Student is awarded an earnings limit for the year and then secures an approved position. Pay is hourly, and students are paid biweekly. More...
Federal Perkins Loan and Federal Nursing Loan Must have need; amount determined by institution Fixed interest loan of 5%; student begins repayment 9 months after leaving school or dropping below half-time status; interest-free until repayment starts
Federal Direct Stafford Loan/Subsidized Must have need; annual limit $3,500 for first-year students, $4,500 for second-year students, $5,500 for third and fourth year students. Interest-free until repayment. Repayment begins 6 months after student leaves school or drops below half-time status. Interest rate is 4.29%.
NYS Tuition Assistance/Vermont State/Rhode Island State Scholarships Amount determined by state; VT and RI are the only states that will send their grants to NYS colleges. Grant; terms determined by each state; calculate your NYS TAP

Hartwick College Need-Based Aid



Hartwick Grant In addition to having need, student must maintain full-time enrollment. Grant; student does not repay
Endowed and Sponsored Scholarships Friends of the College have made possible a number of these scholarships. In some cases, the donor has established specific guidelines for the awarding of the scholarship. All students who meet guidelines will be considered when financial aid is awarded. Grant; student does not repay

Outside Scholarships. Many students are awarded scholarships at their secondary school graduations, and others secure support from civic, fraternal, religious, and other sources. When you report these scholarships to the Financial Aid Office, as required, they become part of the financial aid award, generally serving to reduce parent and student loans.

Special Circumstances. The FAFSA reflects your family's financial circumstances at a single point in time. If unusual expenses or circumstances influence your ability to contribute to your education and are not reflected in the FAFSA, we encourage you to provide us with this information in writing. We will evaluate your special circumstances and may consider them in determining eligibility for need-based aid.

If your family's circumstances change after the original financial aid paperwork is filed (loss of income or benefit, unforeseen emergency expenditures), contact the Financial Aid Office immediately at 607-431-4130 or email finaid@hartwick.edu. All information submitted must be in writing; we may contact you for additional documentation. We will evaluate your situation and, depending on the case, may adjust your aid award.