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Scholarships & Financial Aid

At Hartwick, we're committed to making a superior education affordable for you and your family.

A Hartwick College education means deep learning across disciplines. It means personal interaction with expert faculty on our vibrant campus and in the field all over the world. Simply put, a Hartwick education chanegs lives. With real-world experience in 31 academic majors, it's not surprising that according to PayScale.com our graduates command an average starting salary among those of the top 50 liberal arts colleges in the nation, and they're are admitted to schools of medicine and law at twice the national average.

Nevertheless, we know this kind of education can be expensive. Here's how we work to make the Hartwick experience affordable for evey family:

  • Hartwick offers more than $31 million in financial aid each year.
  • Almost 100% of Hartwick students receive Hartwick scholarships and grants.
  • Applying for aid is free and easy, and you'll be considered for academic scholarships just by applying to Hartwick.

The vast majority of Hartwick students receive one or more types of financial aid to help pay for college. Financial aid is awarded based on academic merit and/or financial need, and is awarded in three forms:

  • Grants and scholarships, which do not have to be repaid;
  • Work-Study, which provides aid in the form of campus jobs;
  • Loans, which have to be repaid.
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