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Financing Options

We know that a college education ranks as a major, long-term investment for you and your family, and we offer a number of attractive options that can make affording Hartwick easier.

Federal programs include the Federal Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loan for students and the Federal Direct PLUS Loan for parents.

Federal Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loan
Need based upon federal methodology must have been met; first-year students can receive no more than $5,500 through the two Stafford programs.
Terms: Fixed interest loan currently at 4.29%. Student begins repayment six months after leaving school or dropping below half-time status. Interest accrues while in school. Second-year students can borrow up to $6,500, third- and fourth-year students can borrow up to $7,500 each year. Independent students can borrow an additional $4,000 under this program in their first and second years and $5,000 in their third and fourth years.

Federal Direct PLUS Loan
Eligibility: Families can borrow up to our cost minus all other aid and scholarships received. Parent borrower must be a credit-worthy U.S. citizen or permanent resident.
Terms: Fixed interest rate of 6.84%; repayment begins immediately after full disbursement of loan; standard 10-year repayment.

The Tuition Payment Plan lets families spread payments out during the academic year.
Eligibility: Requires no application for aid. Families can finance up to our cost minus all other aid received.
Terms: Enrollment fee. Interest-free payment plan, divides balance into 10 equal monthly payments. Payments begin July 1 for the upcoming academic year.

The Hartwick College Sibling Grant discounts tuition for families with multiple students in attendance.
Eligibility: Families with two or more children concurrently enrolled at Hartwick College on a full-time basis.
Terms: For the second child, the tuition is reduced by 25 percent. The total reduction is then divided equally among the siblings, and their tuition charges are reduced accordingly.

Students may also apply for a variety of alternative or private student loans to cover costs. These loans are in the student's name, can be deferred during enrollment, and can play an important role in financing your education. Before choosing an alternative loan, you want to be sure you have exhausted all your federal options. More about alternative loans...