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  • Students present work during Showcase 2009

The Freedman Prize for Student-Faculty Collaborative Research

The Freedman Prize, established by Allen and Judy Freedman in 2002, recognizes superior student-faculty collaborative work that prepares for the senior project required of all Hartwick students. Because this work can begin as early as the student's first year on campus, the competition is open to students in all four classes. The prizes also are open to all majors.

2013-2014 Freedman Prize Winners

Cognitive Sciences

  • Brittany Aponte '14:  Personality and Blood Donation Experience; Justin Wellman
  • Jordan Kortright '15: The Effects of Musically Induced Anxiety in the Emotional Stroop Task; Lisa Onorato
  • Elizabeth Oliverio '14: Automatic Procesing Perceptions of People with Disabilities: A Lexical Decision Task; Lisa Onorato
  • Chad Shipman '14: Faith-based Belief-Forming Mechanisms; Stefanie Rocknak
  • Ryan Staudle '14: Role of the Hippocampus in Anti-Depressant-Like Symptoms Associated with N-3 Intake; KinHo Chan

Natural & Physical Sciences

  • Jessica Domino '15: Magma Mixing Modling at Andrew's Point, MA; Eric Johnson
  • Luan Nguyen '15: Analysis of Folic-Acid using Microfluidic Electrophoresis Microchip; Sanjeewa Gamagedara
  • Brian Redder '15: The Effects of Woolly Adelgid Caused Hemlock Mortality on Nitrate and Phosphate Mobility; Zsuzsanna Balogh-Brunstad

Theatre Arts

  • Leslie Bruce '14: Notes Past (Formerly: Keepsakes); Malissa Kano-White
  • Angelica Cofer '14: Seniors; Brent DeLenoy
  • Brian Cook '16: Performance-based After-School Program: Malissa Kano-White
  • Deanna Kremzier '15: Sound design for Carrie: The Musical; Ken Golden
  • Brittany Newland '15: Carrie Scenic Design - Imagery on the Stage; Ken Golden
  • Charles (Chase) O'Neill '16: Adapting Ben Jonson's Bartholomew Fair; Malissa Kano-White / Lisa Darien
  • Paul Patinka '15: Theater in Schools; Diane Paige / Malissa Kano-White
  • Jenna Rodrigues '14: Seniors; Brent DeLenoy
  • Nathan Skethway '16: Marketing for Carrie: The Musical; Malissa Kano-White
  • Kayleigh Zapf '15: Assistant Light Design for Carrie: The Musical; Gary Burlew
Tricia Phillips '16

Tricia Phillips '16

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