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First-Year Applicants

I'm very proud to welcome you to Hartwick College! I hope that in the weeks and months ahead, you'll decide to join us on Oyaron Hill, and to find with us a new home and a bright, promising future. We'll help you achieve your educational and professional goals by combining classroom learning with the kind of practical experience that builds powerful resumes.

Let's face it, four years of textbooks and lecture halls won't cut it in the real world. You need experience. In the real world.

You'll get it at Hartwick.

Don't get me wrong, what you learn in the classroom is important. But getting your hands dirty doing real work and real research will make your understanding deeper, richer, and so much more meaningful.

It's good to read about recombinant DNA engineering. It's better to get into the laboratory and do it. It's good to read about the practice of nursing in developing countries. It's better to go to Jamaica and experience it first-hand. You can learn a lot by reading about the evolution of galaxies. You can learn a lot more seeing it with your own eyes at Arecibo in Puerto Rico, the largest radio telescope in the world.

Employers care about experience. So do graduate, medical, and law schools. And so do we.

We help our students do more. We show them how to be more. We give them experience and point the way to success.

Hartwick graduates have much higher starting salaries than most because they're prepared for real life in the real world. They are admitted to medical and law schools at twice the national average because they have the experience those schools value. They're independent, confident, and self-reliant. And they're courageous.

Being a Hartwick student is about finding the courage to push the limits.

Like job shadowing with a corporate executive in Manhattan, or working a biological field station at our Pine Lake Environmental Campus. Like doing geological research in Arizona and Hawaii. Like helping out at a soup kitchen in town or raising a guide dog in your room. It's about facing challenges and taking risks.

That's what successful people do. That's the kind of person we want here at Hartwick. That's the kind of person who thrives here, and the kind of person who finds success after graduation.

If you're ready to push the limits of what you know, to do more and be more, come to campus for visit and experience Hartwick for yourself. Call the Admissions Office at 1-888-HARTWICK to schedule your visit. During your visit, you can interview with an admissions counselor, tour our 400-acre campus with a Blue Key Tour Guide, and meet with a professor, and more. When you're  ready to take the next step and apply to Hartwick, get started on the Hartwick Priority Application.

Let us know if you have any questions. I welcome you to Hartwick and can't wait to see you on campus!


Lisa Starkey-Wood
Director of Admissions

Know the facts.
100The number of Guiding Eyes for the Blind puppies raised by Hartwick students.