Ashley Gee '10

As a Nursing major who works in the Nursing office and has visited with potential students during Hartwick’s Nursing Days on Campus, Ashley Gee ’10 believes her education has offered her the best opportunities to grow not only as a student nurse, but as a person, as well.

With small class sizes (her junior Nursing class has fewer than 30 students), Gee says she is able to better get to know her fellow students, stay in contact, and help each other when questions need answers. Hartwick’s study-abroad January Term program also has allowed her to travel to Jamaica with her classmates. There, they delivered nursing care to an underprivileged population and were able to put hours of clinical study to good use where it’s really needed.

“As a future nurse, I can’t begin to say enough good things about the Nursing curriculum and the Nursing faculty,” Gee says. “From my freshman year, I’ve been actively practicing nursing care with patients. Most schools don’t actually have Nursing students out in the clinical setting until junior year. I can’t imagine starting that late.”

Not only has Gee benefitted from her clinical hours, she’s also written care plans, thought critically about real patients and their illnesses, and begun to consider the invaluable practice of holistic nursing.

“I distinctly recall one clinical day when I was on the floor for six hours and didn’t stop once,” she says. “I was a sophomore and I had two patients. I was using what I learned in class to help me care for my patients, reviewing their labs and administering meds. I felt like a nurse with a safety net. I could apply my knowledge to the best of my ability with an instructor there to support me and help me.”

She also credits Hartwick’s Nursing faculty with providing her strong education.

“The professors are knowledgeable, kind, and they truly know and care about me as an individual,” she says. “I’m not just another Nursing student to them. I’m a person with problems and potential. Each professor is highly skilled in their area of expertise and very passionate about helping to educate the future nurses that will be practicing. I have great relationships with all of the professors, even the ones I haven’t had in class yet.”

And if she had to sum up her education?

“Great school, plus amazing program, plus intelligent and sensitive faculty, equals the best nursing education I could have ever hoped to receive.”

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