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Young Alumni Challenge

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You did it, Hawks of the Last Decade: YOU ROCK!
You can be very proud of yourselves -- you have unlocked the Hartwick College Board of Trustees' challenge to match a 10% giving rate among Hawks of the Last Decade with $10,000 to The Hartwick Fund.

Kyle Devoe '05 is the alumnus that brought it to the line. Thank you, Kyle, and all 373 H.O.L.D.s who have given back to Hartwick so far this year.

Below are the results that guarantee another $10,000 for Hartwick students next year. And, look at you, Class of 2013! There will be a big sign celebrating your accomplishments at True Blue Weekend this October.

By giving to Hartwick, you are giving to the students who will be able to have fantastic experiences that makes Hartwick so unique. Every gift at every level is deeply appreciated and makes a difference. If you have given to Hartwick, you have made this difference.

Chart showing Young Alumni Giving in fiscal year 2013-2014

If you made a donation this year, you can be certain that next year's students will benefit from your gift.

Thanks again, Hawks of the Last Decade!

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14The number of off-campus January Term programs planned for 2015.