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Portrait in Philanthropy: Henry L. Hulbert, Esq. PM'10

This portrait appeared in The Wick magazine: Spring 2012

Attorney. Businessman. Family man. Confidante. Friend. Henry L. Hulbert changed the world around him, and made his mark as an investor-in people.

Community leaders of the past have lived on through the work of their trusted ambassador, Henry L. Hulbert. A trustee or managing trustee of numerous charitable foundations, Henry worked to assure that good works continued, organizations were strengthened, and generations of individual lives were changed through philanthropy.

Hartwick was honored to host family, friends, and colleagues in the Anderson Theater on March 12, 2012 to remember him and celebrate his life of service.

"By honoring the wishes of those great members of our community who came before him, Henry himself became a force that shaped the future of our children, our institutions, and, in turn, the future of this city. Henry Hulbert was an educated man who embraced the transformational power of education and then made that education possible for others. He believed in the importance of good work made possible by philanthropy. He completely understood the role of legacy. He was an uncommon man," said President Margaret L. Drugovich.

"Everyone liked Henry. He was a solid friend, generous, always supportive, and never critical.... I really think Henry recharged his batteries every time he helped someone," said Geoff Smith, a longtime friend.

Henry's work was that of assuring that promises were kept and that priorities were honored. He helped others to establish philanthropic trusts, provided valued advice on giving, and personally made certain that philanthropic priorities were realized. For decades he assured that the intentions of philanthropists to support Hartwick were realized.

He was easy to like, and admire. Intelligent and well read, he was always interesting company. Thoughtful and serious, he was driven by a sense of responsibility to others. He was kind. The combination made the man a force of good for Hartwick, its students, and community.

"Henry did more good quietly, without recognition, than any dozen of us ever did with fanfare... He rarely took credit. Anonymous was his name.... It was because he believed it was his obligation to give... He simply felt it was the right and proper thing to do", said Tom Morgan, a family friend.

Just hearing the name Henry Hulbert evokes a smile, said the Rev. Dr. Cynthia L. Walton-Leavitt at the service; all who knew him or benefited from his foresight can smile in agreement.

Credentials of A Community Leader

Hartwick College Trustee (1986-2003)
Hartwick College Trustee Emeritus (2005-2012)
Hartwick College Citizen's Board

Managing Trustee, Riley J. and Lillian N. Warren and Beatrice W. Blanding Foundation
Managing Trustee, Margaret Ford Leonard and Marion E. McKinney Charitable Foundation
Trustee, Nila B. Hulbert Foundation
Trustee, Philip E. Potter Foundation
Trustee, A.O. Fox Memorial Hospital Foundation
Chairman of the Board, Huntington Memorial Library
Founding member, College at Oneonta Foundation Board of Directors
Member, Board of the Oneonta Boys and Girls Club

Attorney, Farrington, Hulbert, Molinari and Haus, 50 years
Co-founder, Astrocom Electronics

Husband to Maureen
Father to sons Bill Hulbert, Thomas Hulbert, and Thomas Wolek; daughters Katharine Haas, Anne Wolek, Sue-Anne DeBergh, and Sally Dunleavy
Grandfather, Great-grandfather

Veteran, U.S. Army, Korean War

With Henry L. Hulbert's stewardship, the past builds the future...

Managing Trustee - Riley J. & Lillian N. Warren & Beatrice W. Blanding Foundation
Beatrice Blanding (1894-1993). She was a client of Joe Molinari and then his associate Henry Hulbert. Following her father's death, she owned the Oneonta Sales Co. on Market Street with her mother, Lillian. Long after the business closed, its proceeds continue to benefit the community in the form of the Riley J. & Lillian N. Warren & Beatrice W. Blanding Foundation.

Managing Trustee - Nila B. Hulbert Foundation
Nila Hulbert (1902-1988), Henry Hulbert's stepmother, funded the Nila B. Hulbert Foundation in 1971. She, her husband Burton (president of Wilber Bank), and Henry were the original Trustees.

Managing Trustee - Margaret Ford Leonard and Marion E. McKinney Charitable Foundation
Margaret Ford Leonard and Marion E. McKinney were best friends and clients of Henry Hulbert's. Mrs. Leonard left her estate to Miss McKinney, who started the Margaret Ford Leonard and Marion E. McKinney Charitable Foundation and later built it with the proceeds of her estate.

Managing Trustee - Philip E. Potter Foundation
Local boy Philip Potter was of limited means with no money for college. He became a successful businessman, married Lillian, and started the Philip E. Potter Foundation with Henry Hulbert's help and guidance. For years, Mr. and Mrs. Potter returned to Oneonta to interview nominees for their endowed scholarships.

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