President’s Statement

President Drugovich with Students
We call this “The Campaign for Hartwick Students: It’s Personal” because this Campaign is dedicated to enhancing the experience of each Hartwick student.

Every student, no matter what she studies, no matter what his interests, is already benefiting from the generosity of alumni, parents, and friends who donate to this Campaign.

As we approach the completion of the Campaign in the summer of 2016, I can see the difference this campaign has, and will, make. We will provide a greater number of deserving students with scholarship support and that means greater access to study at Hartwick. We will offer them an enriched experience of a more developed campus. We will deliver broader access to our transformational J Term experience. I look forward with great anticipation to the day when students join me in a ceremonial ringing of the Hartwick bell in celebration of our shared success on their behalf.

To reach that day, to meet these goals, we need you. Each objective in this Campaign is important; your gift matters tremendously. Hartwick remains today what it has always been: a small and caring community in which the actions of each of us shapes the Hartwick Experience.

I am pleased to report that the building and renovation objectives with The Campaign are fully funded and construction is nearly complete. But much work remains. This is the first campaign in the College’s history to make endowment growth, through the funding of scholarships, its principal focus. Gifts for endowed scholarships make Hartwick possible for students who want this experience and need financial assistance to make it happen. To date we have raised more than $6 million toward the $9 million goal. (This was the objective I chose for the principal designation of my gift to The Campaign – every year a Hartwick student receives the Frank and Mary Drugovich First Generation Award, in honor of my parents.) Scholarship funds are critically important; they quite literally make the difference in so many students’ ability to pursue the Hartwick degree.

If you are enthusiastic about preparing future generations for the global community in which they will live and work, please endow a scholarship for J Term study abroad, or make a gift to augment an existing fund. This is what my daughter does. A 2012 Hartwick graduate, Liz benefited from two off-campus J Term experiences and so she now contributes to help future Hartwick students have their own truly life-changing experiences abroad. So far we have raised $3.3 million of the $5 million endowed J Term goal.

Access to this quality education, and to study abroad, changes lives. Together we can make it possible for generations of deserving students to attend Hartwick and take advantage of all that it has to offer. Someone helped each one of us along the way, now we have the opportunity to help others.

I hope you will join me in supporting our students through this Campaign. Make a gift to an existing endowed scholarship or establish one of your own, support student J Term experiences, and make a gift to the Hartwick Fund which strengthens the financial foundation of our college through a greater and consistent annual base of operational support.

Hartwick students deserve our support. They are depending on us. This community is eager to help every student explore, experiment, and ultimately connect with his or her future. I am proud that Hartwick supporters understand well the connection between a high quality liberal arts education and our collective future as a society of engaged, curious, creative, and courageous citizens. Thank you for demonstrating your commitment to continuing this tradition of aspiring to excellence through your gift to The Campaign for Hartwick Students: It’s Personal.


Dr. Margaret L. Drugovich P’12


P.S. To talk about the difference you can make through The Campaign for Hartwick Students, please email me or contact my colleague, Vice President for College Advancement Gregg Fort, at 607-431-4026 or

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