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Life After Outlook - a guide for doing some of the same tasks that you are used to doing in Microsoft Outlook

Google Apps User Guides, including guides for setting up mobile phones

Keyboard Shortcuts

How to insert an image into an e-mail message: If you are using Chrome, it's easy. For instance, use the Print Screen key to place the image onto your clipboard; in your e-mail message, place your cursor where you want the image and press Ctrl-V (or Copy).
If you are using a different browser, see these instructions. Thanks to Cindy Hubbard.

How to do a mail merge in Gmail. Thanks to Manny Cruz for making the instructions.

Maximum e-mail attachment size: 25 MB (

When you send to a distribution list using Gmail, you will not receive a copy of the message unless you specify to send a copy to yourself.

Make sure that you can see your Spam label:
Gear icon > Settings > Label tab
For Spam, click 'show'.

How do I get my browser to open Google instead of Outlook when I click a "mailto" link on a Web page?

On a Windows computer:
For Internet Explorer:
Download and install the Google Toolbar.
Then, on the Google Toolbar, click the wrench icon (upper right).
Under Web-browsing tools, check 'Use Gmail for "Mail To" links'.

For Chrome:
Click the wrench icon and click 'Settings'.
On the left, click 'Extensions'.
If you have no extensions, click 'Browse the gallery'.
In the 'Search the store' box, enter 'mailto' and select 'mailto for gmail'
At 'Mailto: for Gmail', click 'Add to Chrome'.
When you return to the Extensions page, you should now see 'Mailto: for Gmail' with 'Enabled' checked.

For Macintosh computers:
See the Gmail Notifier.