Hartwick Is Changing to Google Mail

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Hartwick Gmail is here.

As previously announced, Hartwick College is switching its e-mail system to Google Mail this summer.


Hartwick student e-mail accounts will be migrated to Google Apps on August 1, 2012. A new e-mail account will be created for you in Google Apps, and all messages, calendar items, and contacts that are in your mailbox in Webmail will be copied to your Google account. From then on, your e-mail will be delivered to your Google mailbox, not to Webmail. Messages and data on students' personal computers will not be migrated to Google Mail.

After August 1, log in to your Hartwick e-mail at https://mail.google.com/a/hartwick.edu/ .
Your username and e-mail address will not change.
If you log in from https://mail.google.com/a/hartwick.edu, enter only your Hartwick username (without the @hartwick.edu). If you log in from any other Gmail.com e-mail log-in page, enter your entire Hartwick e-mail address as your username. (Or, to put it another way, if the username box is followed by '@hartwick.edu', enter only your username; if it doesn't have '@hartwick.edu', enter it along with your username.)

Your initial Google Apps password is the letter ‘h' followed by your seven-digit student ID, e.g.: h1234567. Change your Google Apps password promptly. Your new password must be at least eight characters. You can set it to the same password as your network/D2L password, if Google accepts it as strong enough. You can reset your password by clicking the gear wheel in the upper right of the page; click Settings > Accounts > Google Account Settings > Security > Change Password.

After August 1, do not use Webmail, because messages or calendar items which you create in Webmail after that date will not appear in your Google mailbox.

If you seem to be missing incoming messages, check the 'Spam' label on the left.

If you have any problems, please contact the Technology Resource Center (TRC) at 607-431-4357.

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff have been invited to attend training sessions to become familiar with Google Apps. Once you attend training (or if you participated in the pilot and don't need training), you will be scheduled for a migration visit. Immediately before this visit, everything in your Webmail account (mail, calendar, contacts) will be migrated over to your Gmail account. When this has happened, it is important that you stop creating new calendar appointments and contacts in Outlook or Webmail because, if you do, they will not migrate and will have to be recreated in Gmail.

During your site visit, we will create a plan with each of you for how much OLD mail (local PST mail) will be migrated to Google. We recommend migrating only one year's worth of old mail to Gmail; we will set up the rest in an Outlook archive for viewing only. You will not lose any mail.

The PST migration process will be started on each user's machine when we leave, and the machine will have to be left on and running, probably overnight. If that is impossible, the person doing your migration will make a different plan with you.

We will help you with any needed calendar sharing setup while we're in the office.

We need 1/2 hour - 1 hour on each machine. Each user must be present (in the neighborhood) and available for agreement on migration plan, setup preferences, etc.

If you have your Hartwick email set up on a mobile device, please bring the device to your migration meeting and we will reset it for you.

Gmail cannot import distribution lists or Outlook Tasks.

If you have questions, please contact the Technology Resource Center (TRC) at 607-431-4357.

Alumni, Family, and Other Accounts

Accounts for employee family members and others such as the Board of Trustees can be created and migrated on request, as time permits. Please contact the Technology Resource Center (TRC) at 607-431-4357. Hartwick alumni accounts will be migrated at a later date.